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Switch to a Yeast-Free Diet Using Superstone® Bakeware

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Have you ever considered switching to a yeast-free diet? Eating yeast-free has become quite well known as a way to reduce yeast levels in your body. The average diet this day and age encourages the overproduction of yeast in our bodies, which can have devastating effects.

The overgrowth of yeast in our diets can result in uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, stomach issues, irritability, mood swings, joint pain and more. The reality is that in small doses, yeast is perfectly fine for most of us (barring other health issues), but it is important to make sure you aren’t having to battle an overgrowth.

Switching to a yeast free diet is a great way to deal with an overgrowth, and while you may be nervous, it really isn’t as difficult as you may think it will be. Like any diet change, it will take some getting used to, but it doesn’t have to alter your lifestyle too much. Following these tips for switching to a yeast free diet is a great way to make this change a reality.

Tips for Switching to a Yeast Free Diet

The Willpower

Just like anything else, you need to have the willpower to want to make these changes in your diet and in your day to day life. That being said, sometimes willpower is easy to create. One way to do just that is to educate yourself. For example, looking into the pros and cons of making this diet change can help you build this willpower. Once you learn about the benefits of it, it will be easier to have the motivation to make the changes.

The Right Recipes

A diet that is high in sugar and other refined carbs are a major risk factor as it relates to yeast overgrowth. A yeast free diet means you need to avoid not only sugar, but gluten, alcohol, and even some dairy products. Switching your diet doesn’t have to start that dramatically though, simply switching out to yeast free breads can make a huge difference. Especially if bread is a big part of your day to day diet. That’s why finding delicious yeast free bread recipes can make a world of difference!

One of my favorites is this delicious Peanut Butter Bread. It is rich, delicious and just the right recipe to make you forget that you are missing anything in your recipe.

Another favorite to add to the list is the No-Yeast Deep Dish Pizza. Each of the members of our family is a big pizza lover, so this is a popular one on our list!

As a matter of fact, we have quite a few delicious yeast-free bread recipes right here at Sassafras:

easy no-yeast bread

easy no-yeast beer bread

easy no-yeast breadsticks

easy no-yeast pretzels

One of my favorite things about these recipes is that even those who aren’t eating a yeast free diet, won’t even notice the difference! They are that good!


The Right Tools

Here’s the thing, when you are trying to make changes to your eating, the right tools are essential. Without the right tools, creating delicious recipes is virtually impossible. Without delicious recipes, a new diet is hard to stick to. If you have ever tried a new diet, you know how hard it is to stay motivated to continue to eat according to your new eating plan when you find difficulty in creating the recipes.

For example, creating a delicious bread like the Peanut Butter bread requires a good bread baker like the Superstone® Covered Baker.

The superstone® covered baker® mimics a professional brick-lined oven right in your own kitchen! This is perfect for bread making at home. The covered baker produces an oblong-shaped loaf of bread, inspired by Italian baking. The covered baker heats evenly, and pulls moisture from the dough, creating a crackly crust and delicious flavor.


For the yummy, yeast free pizza, you definitely need to have the Superstone® Deep-Dish Pizza & Pie Baker. A true deep dish pizza requires a pie baker made from a material that heats evening so that your pizza crust will be done with a crackly crust and a soft dough that holds in the delicious flavors perfectly. The superstone® stoneware material is perfect for this. 


Serve it Up

If you need pizza accessories for cutting and serving your pies, look no further–– Sassafras® has a wood-handled spatula and a silicone-handled spatula for all your baking needs.

We at Sassafras® wish you good health and happy baking!

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