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Okay, I know that you can just head to the bakery department of the store to buy a loaf of bread, but is that what you really want? Nope. If you are like me, sometimes you just really want a delicious loaf of bread that tastes fresh, not the mass produced, plastic wrapped bread that tastes bland and boring. 

As a matter of fact, in addition to a fresh baked loaf of bread, I also want a uniquely flavored loaf of bread. One that I can only get at a specialty bakery (none of which are near me) or in my own kitchen.

If you are like me and craving a yummy, unique loaf of bread, check out these recipes for some of the most unusual and delicious bread recipes ever! YUM!!

The Most Unusual And Delicious Bread Recipes Ever

Since we are still mostly staying home these days, I have been doing a lot of baking lately. Since I really don't want to bake the same things over and over, I have been keeping my eyes out for recipes that look good and have recently stumbled onto a couple of great ones! 

These really delicious and unique recipes are so good, I have made each of them several times over the last couple of weeks. Yes, they are that good!

Everything Bagel Brioche Bread Recipe - I was late to the everything bagel craze. Seriously. I have been hearing about it for over a year and seeing recipes cross my social media timelines almost on a daily basis, but I didn’t actually try this seasoning until a little over a month ago and oh my gosh, it is absolutely delicious. I am a huge fan. 

Needless to say, as soon as I saw this recipe for Everything Bagel Brioche Bread by The Suburban Soap Box,  I knew that I would be making it.

Classic French Butter Brioche (Brioche Pur Beurre) - Consider to be "the most popular brioche recipe in France", this recipe by PardonYourFrench is very simple to make and only requires the most basic of ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and yeast. Apparently the difference between most breads and brioche are the eggs and the butter–– it is ALL about the eggs and the butter.

Easy Brioche Bread - According to Natalya from MomsDish, "This Easiest Brioche Bread is so airy and flaky that it literally melts in your mouth. It works perfect for jelly sandwiches or French toast." Let's put that to the test, shall we?

Apple Cinnamon Bread - I love a delicious bread that can alternate between breakfast and dessert and this Apple Cinnamon Bread recipe by Delish is exactly that kind of bread. I love fresh out of the oven or warmed up later to be enjoyed as a quick breakfast or for a treat after dinner.

Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread - Do you know what I love? Biting into a slice of bread that is savory, delicious and can pass as an entire meal! That’s right. This bread is olive, bacon and cheese bread recipe by Eatwell 101 is packed full of flavor and really does feel like a meal in itself. Perfect if you are a light eater.

The Cake Pan Converter

Remember that if you need to convert from a recipe that calls for a smaller pan to ingredients for the Superstone® Covered Baker, you can always go to The Cake Pan Converter: round, square or rectangular, no recipe is too big or too small.


The Best Tools for Making Delicious Homemade Bread

Before you decide to make one of these delicious bread recipes, be sure to have the right tools on hand. I have found that the following tools have helped me in my quest for making the best homemade bread.

superstone® covered baker - the superstone® covered baker produces a spectacular italian, or oblong, loaf of bread! it’s unglazed interior pulls moisture from the dough, replicating the effects of a brick-lined oven to give you a light crumb and crusty exterior loaf. try roasting potatoes in the baker for crispy skins and a fluffy interior.

I always use the superstone® covered baker when making loaves of bread because, well, I just really love the classic loaf shape and it bakes them just perfectly!

oblong bread proofing basket with linen liner -use this bowl in the final proof of your bread dough to ensure a perfectly shaped loaf and beautiful spiral pattern on the crust. the basket is made of a hand-woven, continuous reed as has been done for centuries. and the linen cover helps to remove the risen dough with ease.

We do have several proofing baskets available, but because I use the covered baker, the oblong bread proofing basket is best for me because it works well to hold its proper shape.

The Bread Whisk- our whisk is great for mixing the wet and dry ingredients in a wet-dough, speeding up the process significantly and aerating the loaf! the bread whisk has an 8” beechwood handle with a stainless whisk.

I don’t know about you, but I just cannot make a great loaf of homemade bread without a proper whisk. A fork just doesn’t do the trick and a regular whisk just gets filled up with the bread dough and ends up creating more work than necessary.

Large Mixing Bowl - For comfort and convenience, I use a large glass mixing bowl to mix up the bread dough in my kitchen. I’m a big believer in glass mixing bowls as my set has lasted almost 20 years! I also like to make sure the bowl I use is quite large to prevent flour messes from covering up my counters.

In addition to the delicious taste of these unique bread recipes, another benefit to making these delicious breads is how amazing your home is going to smell after baking any of them. 

Can you even imagine that apple cinnamon smell filling up your kitchen? Be right back... I need to go preheat my oven.