Fun and Tasty Friendship Bread Recipes


Amish Friendship Bread

According to Wikipedia, Amish Friendship Bread is "a type of bread or cake similar to pound cake or coffee cake, made from a sourdough starter that is often shared in a manner similar to a chain letter".

from Wikipedia

While chain letters or chain letter memes aren't very popular nowadays, people concentrate on the "friendship" part of its name: think about all of the good friends you have, or the kind of friends you want to make in the new year. Also, giving a loaf of thick, sugary quick bread is a great way to start or re-kindle a friendship!

When baking Amish Friendship Bread, talk about friends and why we have them. Maybe consider looking up a recipe and make a bunch of loaves to deliver to close friends and even family.


Friendship Bread Recipes

Cinnamon-Sugar Amish Friendship Bread - This recipe takes 10 days of "squishing and mushing" the starter bag, then adding a few other ingredients and voila! Great for baking in our Superstone® Loaf Pan and given as gifts.Created by The Seasoned Mom.

Amish Sourdough Bread - another easy-to-make recipe by The Spruce Eats, considered to be one of the easiest sourdoughs to make, delicious as a side dish or for sandwiches, baked in the Superstone® La Cloche.

Original Amish Friendship Bread - This recipe from Friendship Bread Kitchen has only 10 minutes fo prep time and can be customized for the Superstone® Covered Baker, and you can add 1 cup of dried fruit, nuts or baking chips of your choice.

The Friendship Bread Kitchen has over 250 friendship bread recipes that you can use with the Superstone® Covered Baker or the Superstone® Loaf Pan. There's a PDF of their 'Top Ten Friendship Bread Recipes' to get your started.

Superstone® Bread Baking Products

Our Superstone® Bread bakers are a worldwide favorite for over 30 years. if you’re a bread baker and enjoy baking different types and shapes of bread, these bakers 


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if you need accessories for cutting and serving, look no further–– sassafras® has a wood-handled spatula and a silicone-handled spatula, and so many other baking accessories on clearance for all your baking and bread carving needs.

Do you have any baking recipe tips or recipes to share with us this new year? Feel free to share them with us. Happy Baking!

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