Animal Stools Make The Best Decor for Dorm Rooms, Bedrooms, Apartments and More!

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Do you have a kid that is heading off to college this fall? Well, considering that almost 70% of college aged people are enrolled in a college or university, I’d say that it’s a pretty high probability that you do if you have a child that age. Your kiddo (yes, they still get that title) is probably feeling a little nervous, yes, but there is likely a whole lot of excitement surrounding this new phase in life.

That’s why I think our awesome animal stools would be a pretty great addition to a dorm room or first apartment. They are well made, adorable, they go with any decor, and they add extra seating for when it’s needed. Study group time? Sit on the animal stool! Movie night? Sit on the animal stool!

Think back on when you first went off to college, or when you got your first apartment. Wasn’t it so much fun to get to decorate how you wanted to? One of my favorite things about that stage in my life is that although I was technically an adult, I was also very much still a kid and I still very much loved kid-like stuff! No, I don’t mean that I had toys scattered around my first place, but I still enjoyed my bean bag chair and wasn’t ashamed of that fact. There is some really great things about being an adult that I love, but like many others, I long for the carefree days of being young, when my rent was cheap and I didn’t care about impressing anyone. I had mismatched furniture, junky decor and I honestly didn’t care at all. I was just happy to have a place for my friends to hang out when they came over. I’ll be honest with you though, I haven’t lost everything that I loved about being young. While I do care more about how my home looks than I used to, I’m still my own person and I still love kid-like throwbacks to my youth. So I love adding these fun animal stools into my home decor. They are classy enough to match with my expensive, grown up furniture, but fun enough to remind me that not everything in life needs to be so serious.

In addition to extra seating for kids and adults alike, do you know what else they work well for? As a side table. No joke! This can be to hold a book you are reading or to hold your bowl of chips or popcorn you are snacking on. I mean, c’mon, old style tables are boring, am I right? I like using a cute triceratops to hold my snacks, who wouldn’t?

And don’t even get me started on how fun they are to have around when you have little kids at home. I like them for extra seating around the house (because what kid just wants to sit on the sofa, am I right?), a cute kid-friendly decor addition in a family room or living room. They are also great to put in the kids’ rooms for a cute accent piece or to use as extra seating for those playdates and sleepovers that the kids will inevitably be having often now that school has started again.

Seriously. They are not only cute, they are a useful piece of furniture.

Check out the different animal stools we have available:

Stool information:

“brighten a kids room, playroom or even an apartment with these charming animal stools. kids love their charming faces and adults enjoy this whimsical addition to an apartment or family room. place a tray on top to use as a side table, or rest your feet upon their backs. everyone loves our animal stools!”

large stool measures: 25" x 14" x 12"

Small stool measures: 20.5" x 11" x 9.5"

I love so many of these!! I really like the combination of the Large and small red hippo animal stools though! How cute would they look in a room together? Additionally, with such a great selection, you will almost definitely be able to find one that will match your decor or your home’s color palette.

Also, keep in mind that the holidays are rapidly approaching and these would make a great gift for just about anyone on your shopping list, whether a child or adult. Do you have someone in your family that would love to open this gift this year? If you are starting your holiday shopping now, be sure to check out our seasonal section and find what other kind of holiday goodies you can find.

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