Gifts for Mom on her Special Day

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In case you didn’t know it, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I am a mom of 3, and over the years I have gotten lots of gifts from my kids for Mother’s Day and other holidays. My husband is really great about that. He always takes them out shopping for mom. Truth be told I love any and all gifts that my kids have chosen for me, but more than anything, I love homemade gifts from my kids. I love when they have created something from their creativity or put something together with their own hands. One of my most favorite things about it, is the smiles on my children’s faces when they see how much I enjoy the gifts that they have created for me.

If you want to help your kids pick out the perfect gift for you, check out some of the great items we have here at Sassafrass! Your kids will love giving you gifts that they have put together, painted or created themselves.

Here are some fun ideas:

Gifts you can display in your garden - I love that Mother’s Day is in the Spring because I love spending time outside in my garden. If you or the mom in your life loves to garden, she is going to love these fun gifts from the kids.

paint your own sun dial - hello sunshine! paint your own sundial then set it in the sun and learn to tell time by following the simple instructions. includes: sundial, shadow stick, paintbrush & 8 paints.

paint your own ladybug house - decorate and hang this colorful house in your garden to attract ladybugs! they'll eat aphids, mealybugs, and mites that feed on your beautiful plants! includes: paintbrush & 8 paints.

paint your own bird bath - splish, splash bird bath! set includes bath, bottom base, paint bush & 12 paints.

paint your own bird house - this sweet little townhouse is a great starter home for little birdies! this house includes two little entry holes and a hanging rope. includes stencil designs to cut out and use, paintbrush & 4 paints.

paint your own garden gnome - gnomes are thought to bring good luck to your garden. these gnomes are especially lucky because they will be painted by a very special child! gnome include paintbrush & 8 paints. gift boxed.

paint your own fairy garden set - decorate these fairies then tuck them in your garden so they can folic under the flowers by night! includes: 2 fairies, fairy house, paintbrush & 6 paints.

Gifts to carry along with you - I love to be able to brag on my kids at the drop of a hat and that is super easy to do when I can carry gifts along with me that the kids have made for me.

paint your own umbrella - kids will pray for rain so they can display their work of art for the world to see! umbrella has safety closure to avoid pinching fingers and rounded plastic tips for safety.

Gifts that you can wear - Do you remember a couple of years ago when those rubber band loom type bracelets were all the rage? My daughter made me one out of bands in my favorite color and I wore it for like a year. ( I really wasn’t kidding when I said that I love handmade gifts from my kids, in case you were questioning me.) With these neat knitting kit, your kids can make you all kinds of accessories to wear.

knitting kit - everything you need to knit! make a scarf, bracelet, trivet and more! 12 pc set includes: 2 pom pom makers, 5 balls of yarn, 2 sets of wooden knitting needles, 1 scissor, 1 crochet hook, and instruction card.

My daughter once made me a blanket for a birthday gift. You know the, no sew kind where you you tie strips of two pieces of fabric together? She made it for me several years ago and I use it all the time. It is honestly one of my favorite gifts ever. Then last year she made me a “I love you because” jar filled with little notes of all of the reasons that she loves me. She has also made me gifts of painted ceramics, stained glass type ornaments and so many more gifts that I love and display proudly. My boys are just getting to the age where they really like making gifts for mommy too and I am excited for all of the rest of the gifts that I will be given from my children over the coming years. But I know for a fact that one of these such gifts will be the garden gnomes because my boys will love to paint them!

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