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When it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday, are you all about the food or all about the shopping? I know that many people get frustrated with the idea that the holiday is now so focused on shopping that many people ditch their family dinners to go stand in line at the nearest shopping mall, but the truth is that many people are looking to save as much money as possible on their holiday shopping. A recent study says that in 2016 there were over 100 million Black Friday shoppers out and about on the biggest shopping day of the year. Yes, I said 100 million!

Did you know that you don’t have to go battle lines and angry customers though? That’s right. Black Friday shopping is just as good online as it is in Brick and Mortar retail locations. Actually, it’s far less stress, less crowded and I don’t have to battle traffic. I guess we can say that in many ways, online shopping for Black Friday is better than traditional.

Sassafrass is all about online shopping for Black Friday too! That’s why we are offering 20% off SITEWIDE!! That’s right. 20% off of every item in our online store, no promo code needed.

So, what are you shopping for this year anyway? I’m currently busy shopping for stocking stuffers for my kids. Stocking stuffers are always my favorite thing to shop for. They are less expensive so you don’t have to stress about putting out a bunch of money, they can be a mish-mash of whatever, and my kids have always really enjoyed the little trinkets that they get in their stockings. In our household the kids are allowed to open their stockings before mom and dad get up so they have always enjoyed that part of their morning.

If you too are looking for stocking stuffers, we have some great options here at Sassafrass! As a matter of fact, we have an entire page dedicated just to stocking stuffers. Here are some of the fun toys included on that page:

farm wind-up toys

push toy giraffe

push toy pirates

wooden pull-back toy airplanes

robot vs. alien wind-up toys


Push toy rodeo

safari wind-up toys

There are also some great stocking stuffer options outside of that particular page, like these cute little items I spotted:

Goldfish soap - kids will love to wash their hands with goldfish soap! this hard glycerin soap in a peel-away plastic bag holds a plastic goldfish.

Ducky soap - kids hands will be squeaky clean when they wash their hands with ducky soap! this hard glycerin soap in a peel-away plastic that holds a plastic ducky! soap ingredients: sodium palmate & sodium palm kernelate, aqua, sucrose, glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol, alcohol, sodium chloride, parfum, disodium edta, bht.

best friends jewelry set - adorable matching wooden beaded bracelet & necklace!

Sassafrass isn’t all about stocking stuffers though, take a look around and you will find lots of musical instruments, craft kits, pull toys, plush toys, puppets, kids’ gardening supplies, felt fun toys, bath toys and more! You can even find non-toy items like kids’ umbrellas and bags (lunch bags, backpacks and overnight bags too)! There is a great selection of items in many different categories.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

Paint Your Own Umbrella - kids will pray for rain so they can display their work of art for the world to see! umbrella has safety closure to avoid pinching fingers and rounded plastic tips for safety.

paint your own terrarium - this terrarium or greenhouse is a great way for kids to learn about planting and caring for plants. the wooden back panel is removable so you can create a colorful background for your garden as well as the other wood surfaces. complete instructions and gardening tips included. terrarium includes: paintbrush, 8 paints and instructions.

bright stripe tom tom drum - what’s more fun than keeping beat on a tom tom? kids will love hitting this little drum with the batons or with their hands while leading their imaginary marching band.

Animal stools - brighten a kids room, playroom or even an apartment with these charming animal stools. kids love their charming faces and adults enjoy this whimsical addition to an apartment or family room. place a tray on top to use as a side table, or rest your feet upon their backs. everyone loves our animal stools!

Whatever you decide to buy, make sure you do it this week during our Black Friday sale so that you can save 20% on your order! We all like to save money, right? I’m a bargain hunter by natures, so saving money is my go-to rule when I’m shopping!

This way you get to save money and spend time with your family, instead of using your precious family time to shop! It’s online shopping at Sassafrass for the win this Black Friday!

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