General FAQ:

Shipping FAQ:

Superstone FAQ:

Kids Products FAQ:


General FAQ:

Are replacement parts available?
In some cases, replacement parts are available. Please contact customer service at:
312-226-2000 or Email Us for further information.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, we charge sales tax only in the US.

Is my transaction secure?
Yes, your transaction is secure.

What is your return and refund policy
If customer is not happy with product, they can return it as long as it is in sellable condition.

Are you environmentally friendly?
Yes, we are an environmentally friendly company.

Shipping FAQ:

How long does it take for my order to ship
Orders ship within 1-2 business days.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we accept international orders. Just specify where to ship to and we will get your purchase to you!

Do you offer express shipping?
Yes, we offer express shipping. You can choose your shipping options when you are checking out.

Superstone FAQ:

How do I season my Superstone?
When using your Superstone, lightly spray it with vegetable oil and sprinkle corn meal across the bottom to prevent any sticking.  With repeated use, the baker will turn brown and that will improve its non-stick quality, making clean-up even easier. 

How do I care for my Superstone?
Do not put Superstones in the dishwasher as the unglazed stoneware will absorb the soap and impart that taste into your baked goods. Once the stoneware has cooled to room temperature,run it under hot water and scrub with a wire brush or scrubber. Dry and put back in your oven for storage.

Do you have additional recipes for use on your Superstones?
You may use any recipes for breads, pizzas, cookies, pretzels, etc. Make sure that your stone is lightly seasoned. You may want to dust it with cornmeal before making pizzas, pretzels or breads to prevent sticking. Cooking times may be a bit shorter, so watch the baking to prevent against burning.

My Superstone is really dark brown. How can I clean it?
Good for you! The browner your stone becomes, the better seasoned it is. There is no need, nor would you want, to remove any brown discoloration.

My Superstone broke and I followed all of your directions. Help!
Sometimes there is an invisible fissure in the stone that with repeated heating and cooling, will cause the stone to break. Please contact our Customer Service department at 312-226-2000 for help.

I put a frozen pizza on my preheated stone and it broke. What did I do wrong?
Be careful not to expose your Superstone to thermal shock, which means exposing a hot stone to a cold environment, such as putting a frozen pizza or pot pie on the stone, or running a hot stone under cold water. We recommend that you allow your frozen pizza to come down in temperature a bit before putting it on a room temperature stone and baking it. If you really want your Superstone preheated, then be sure that your frozen pizza is completely at room temperature.

Can I put my Superstone on the stovetop or barbeque grill?
No, the stoneware cannot withstand a direct flame, except our BBQ Superstone which is specially formulated to withstand a direct flame.

Kids Products FAQ:

Are kids bags washable?
Our vinyl bags easily clean up with a swipe from a damp cloth or sponge. Of course, they are water-resistant so are fine when exposed to rain and snow.

Our Plush Pull Alongs remove from the trolley and can be machine washed and dried with a low dryer setting.
Our other plush bags are machine washable as well, although it is recommended that those bags with a lot of embellishments, such as the Dance Bags and Fairy Princess Magical Bag, be hand washed and dried with a very low dryer setting.

Are the foods Kosher in the kids baking kits?
No, the foods aren’t kosher.

Are there allergens in the kids baking kits?
You can find Nutrition Facts and Ingredients when you click on our kits “alternate image views.” The mixes are made in machines that also produce peanuts, wheat and other allergens.

Are refills available for the kids baking kits?
Yes, you may purchase refills which are listed on our website under Kids Baking Kits.

My Kitchen timer doesn’t ding!
Please be sure to turn the dial all the way to 60 and then turn it counter-clockwise to the desired time.  This should solve your
no-ding problem!

Is the silicone dishwasher safe?
Yes, the silicone is dishwasher safe in the top rack only. For longer product life, we suggest that you hand wash the silicone as it will eventually wear with high dry cycles.