Chocolate Lovers' Recipes for Superstone® Bread Bakers


Photo: Alexandre Godreau at Unsplash

Bread Meets Chocolate

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate: the world revolves around chocolate. And if you think that bread and chocolate are two different things, fortunately you are mistaken. 

"The pain au chocolat (roughly pronounced pah oh shoh-koh-lah for those who do not speak French) is a simple but very delicious pastry sold in bakeries, cafés, and pastry shops all over the world [Make Bread at Home]." From there, chefs and bakers all over the world have created their marriage of bread and chocolate. 

Here are some recipes that you should try:


Superstone® Chocolate Bread Recipes

My Mother’s Ultimate Chocolate Babka
–– A decadent treat made famous in the season 5 Seinfeld episode "The Dinner Party", this beloved cake recipe by My Jewish Learning with Eastern European roots is becoming an American favorite and is easily made in the Superstone® Loaf Pan, available in seven colors.

Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread–– Chocolate and chocolate chips? Yes, Please! This easy-to-make banana bread recipe by Spoonful of Flavor only takes 25 minutes of prep and the kids can help. This recipe fits the Superstone® Loaf Pan.


Double Chocolate Banana Bread–– this self-described "ultra chocolatey, moist, and life-changing" recipe by Laura Fuentes substitutes coconut oil for butter and depends on "super-ripe" bananas for the sweet taste, making this a very health-conscious treat, perfectly made in the Superstone® Loaf Pan.

Easy, Moist Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe–– A delicious and nutritious recipe by Inspired Taste, easily made in the Superstone® Loaf Pan.


Chocolate Chip Cut Out Cookies–– This chocolate chip cookie recipe by created by Diane is great for using cookie cutters like plastic and copper cookie cutters from Sassafras®. They're on clearance with so many other baking accessories, so be sure to check them out.


Serve it Up

If you need accessories for cutting and serving, look no further–– Sassafras® has a wood-handled spatula and a silicone-handled spatula for all your baking and bread-carving needs.

We hope that these recipes encourage you to experiment and try new breads, and have new fod adventures with your family. Happy Baking!