5 Ideas for Kids Room Decor

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Are you getting ready to decorate your child's room? My 14 year old is ready for a change and we have been searching high and low for ideas. After we get finished with our major painting project, we are looking for ideas to accent the completed colors.

1. A globe table is a fun idea for a teen for more of a decorate item vs. using it as a snack table. 

2. Room hooks are another fun idea for hanging bags, hoodies, etc. It's a great way to keep things more organized but with style.

3. Blackboards are a great way for teens to keep track of their schedules, etc. How about a Chalk-It-Up Owl Blackboard?

4. Another chalkboard idea is choosing a section of wall to paint with chalkboard paint. This is great for all ages.

5. Matching light switch covers-Whether it's themed or a solid color, this makes any room stand out!

Need ideas of your own? Click here, for more ideas to spruce up your child's room.

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