Enjoy your Pizza off of Glazed Pizza Stones

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Pizza lovers everywhere! Are you ready to take things up a notch with making homemade pizzas? We produce beautiful pizza stones that are glazed on the rim. Sounds unique doesn't it?

What do these pizza stones include? Handle ears covered with silicone. This makes handling much easier as they can get super hot! How does silicone keep the ears cool? Silicone is not intended to keep them cool, but it's just a way to grip them easily. Makes life easier!

An important piece of information to know about the pizza Superstones is that they cannot be used on a direct flame, except the BBQ pizza stone which can  be used on the grill and even in the oven!

How exactly can these pizza stones handle intense heat? The clay composition is a bit different which produces amazing pizzas!

These stones are generally nonstick for crispy edges!

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