Back to School Snack Favorites

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It's hard to believe that summer is just about over and the kiddies are heading back to school! From back to school clothes to school supplies, it can get overwhelming. 

Make back to school more enjoyable by making some pretty cool and fun back to school snack favorites. You can make them together or buy and put them together in fun ZipLock baggies! These are great to pack in lunches or perfect for after school when the kiddies are hungry. Here are some ideas to get your snacking ideas going:

  •  Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins
  •  Fruit Leather
  •  Check Mix
  •  Rice Crackers
  •  Hard Boiled Egg
  •  Popcorn
  •  Cheese Crackers
  •  Dried Fruit
  •  Nut Free Power Bites

The list could go on and on. You know your child the best, their likes and dislikes or even if they have any food allergies. It's best to plan and get your ideas together before buying and/or making your child's all time snacking favorites.

For tips on healthy snacks prep for healthy kids, click here.

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