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Easter Basket Time!

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Easter is coming, Easter is coming!! Okay, so maybe not everyone gets quite this excited about it, but Easter happens to be one of my kids’ favorite holidays, so we hear a lot of this excitement at our house! To top it off, this year Easter actually falls on my daughter’s birthday, so that makes it even more exciting!

Now the question becomes, what will we do for Easter Baskets this year? Well, I have one kid that is turning 15 (I’m not really going to think about that because then I might cry), I have an 11 year old and I have an almost 3 year old. So, I have a wide range of Easter Basket ideas for them, but I do know one thing. All of my kids love crafts and DIY gifts so I’m all about doing a craft theme for Easter this year!

Do your kids like crafts too? DIY gifts and crafts are such a fun way to fill up those Easter Baskets because it’s not just toys that they will play with for a day or two and then forget about. These are activities that will get the kids creativity moving, their brains moving and it’s a gift for mom and dad too because I just love being able to show off the awesome things that my kids have made! Do you do this too? If you like the idea of craft gifts as much as I do, you are going to love the kids crafts that we have here at Sassafrass! Check out a couple of my favorites that are perfect for spring:

  • paint your own garden fairy - most garden fairies are invisible, but not this one! girls will love making her beautiful with the enclosed paints, then placing her in the garden for good luck. kit includes ceramic fairy, 4 non toxic paints and a brush. fairy measure 6" tall.
  • paint your own fairy garden set - decorate these fairies then tuck them in your garden so they can folic under the flowers by night! includes: 2 fairies, fairy house, paintbrush & 6 paints.
  • paint your own garden gnome - gnomes are thought to bring good luck to your garden. these gnomes are especially lucky because they will be painted by a very special child! gnome include paintbrush & 8 paints. gift boxed.
  • paint your own garden owl - whooo wants to paint? this owl is not only a hoot for the garden, but is so much fun to paint. owl include paintbrush & 8 paints. gift boxed.
  • paint your own garden bunny - hop, hop, hop! our garden bunny will make any garden very hoppy! bunny includes paintbrush & 8 pastel paints. bunny is 7" tall.
  • paint your own terrarium - this terrarium or greenhouse is a great way for kids to learn about planting and caring for plants. the wooden back panel is removable so you can create a colorful background for your garden as well as the other wood surfaces. complete instructions and gardening tips included. terrarium includes: paintbrush, 8 paints and instructions.

If you can’t tell we are big on gardening here so it just makes sense to put some fun gardening crafts into their baskets for more family togetherness activities. If you are wondering if you should start gardening with your kids, check out this blog from us a while back on reasons why you should garden with your kids. There are some great tips in there! Plus, as much as I love to show off my garden, I also love to show off my kids creations and they feel tremendous pride to see their creations displayed proudly by mom and dad!

I’ve never been a big fan of those pre-made Easter Baskets that you buy in a big box store, I feel like they are cheaply made and not very personal. I like to put together Easter baskets myself. I scout craft stores and Amazon for cute baskets, fill it with paper grass, lots of chocolate and toys (and of course eggs!) and this year they will be filled with some fun spring related crafts like the ones I listed above!

I recently read an article about how important arts and crafts are for a child’s development, so without fail I always include an arts or crafts type gift in all of my children’s holiday gifts. Christmas, birthdays, easter, even Valentine’s Day. I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

Well, now that I have went on and on about Easter, I guess I should start my shopping! If gardening crafts aren’t for you, check out some of the other awesome craft kits and toys that we have here at Sassafras! We have paint kits, sewing kits, toy crafts, musical toys and so much more! Check out our kids selections here.

Also, make sure you are following us on Pinterest so you can stay on top of all of the fun ideas that we find!

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