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Crafty Gifts are the Best

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What type of things did you ask for on your Christmas list when you were younger? Were you the kind of kid that asked for toys, clothes, decorative stuff maybe? When I was younger, my Christmas list always included something to make my bedroom prettier and something for me to create. Whether it was a new bed set, a new lamp or even a poster for my wall, bedroom stuff was something that I never left off the list. Plus, I grew up without much money so we didn’t get to do many activities and I loved to create things when my mom could afford the materials for me to do so. This often led to me creating things that helped spruce up my room. Whether I got a tiny canvas to paint on or I got materials to try and make a pillow or blanket for my bed, I was always trying to spruce it up. Thinking back on that makes me realize how it is not at all surprising that I still love personalized, handmade touches in my living space. It makes me happy to feel at home and cozy while loving how my living space looks.

I have several kiddos at home and while they have always had the things that they need for their personal space, they do like to create. My 14-year-old daughter especially loves to create things that brighten up her space, she always has. She used to create her artwork and request that I hang it in the living room. Which, of course, I did. No it didn’t go with my decor, but it went with my family and I have displayed it proudly. I still have framed colored pencil drawing that she made when she was six of our former home and our dog. Since she is now a teenager, she has requested that I take it down from the living room, but it stays up in my room! I think I am like many parents and just simply love the creations that are made by my kids. My 11-year-old son doesn’t create nearly as much anymore (unless you count the video game skills that he wants to share often lol), but I still hold tightly to his creations as well. I also have a toddler and I am so excited for the days he starts to bring me stuff that he creates for me!These reasons above are just part of the reason that I love the craft and DIY goodies that we have here at Sassafrass! So many fun things for the kids to do and c’mon, I can’t be the only parent that enjoys seeing our kids doing activities that don’t involve the television, games, phones or computers.

Here are some of my favorites:

knitting kit - everything you need to knit! make a scarf, bracelet, trivet and more! 12 pc set includes: 2 pom pom makers, 5 balls of yarn, 2 sets of wooden knitting needles, 1 scissor, 1 crochet hook, and instruction card.

sewing kit - sew so many cute things! including a flower, owl, dog or cat! 69 pc includes: 6 sheets of felt, 52 felt shapes, 4 sewing needles, 2 thread colors, scissors, measuring tape, polyfill stuffing, felt sewing pouch, and instruction card.

kids weaving loom - create fabric by weaving yarn through a loom. make a beautiful hanging tapestry, coaster, or trivet. 12 pc set includes: 1 wooden loom, 2 weaving shuttles, 1 wooden shaft gear, 2 loom hooks, 5 balls of yard and instruction card.

sassafras paint your own snowman kit - aint this snowman quick before he melts! kids will love designing their very own snowman to place in the family room or put outside as a decoration.use the colors in the pots as is, or mix them up for your own special blend!a great indoor activity for kids t have quiet time to express their creativity!set includes: 8" high ceramic, snowman, 8 water-paints and brush.a gift that gives twice! once to a child to decorate! and once for the recipient of their finished product!

paint your own umbrella - kids will pray for rain so they can display their work of art for the world to see! umbrella has safety closure to avoid pinching fingers and rounded plastic tips for safety.

paint your own terrarium - this terrarium or greenhouse is a great way for kids to learn about planting and caring for plants. the wooden back panel is removable so you can create a colorful background for your garden as well as the other wood surfaces. complete instructions and gardening tips included. terrarium includes: paintbrush, 8 paints and instructions.

Once you are done with all of these fun activities, check out this list of Crafts for Kids from PBS! There are some really fun things on this list.

Oh, and because it’s that time of year, all of these items would make great holiday gifts for your kids! Not only could they have lots of fun creating their new masterpieces, but they could then give these wonderful creations away as gifts themselves! There is nothing like the beaming pride that kids have when they show off and give away their work. That smile is a gift in itself!

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