10 ​Reasons You Should Garden With Your Kids

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I know, I know we keep talking about getting your kids out in the garden, but I promise you it’s for good reason! First of all, the weather here is getting nicer and nicer and nice weather, for me at least, means it’s time to get out and get working on my property and my garden. How is the weather where you are? Also, there are so many good reasons why you should garden with your kids, it’s hard not to talk about it.

If you are wondering what all of those benefits could possibly be, check out this great list of 10 Reasons You Should Garden with Your Kids:

  1. Precious bonding time. We all know that our children will only be children for so long. I love any and all opportunities that I have to spend time with my kids and bond with them while they are little.
  2. Gardening keeps you and your kids more active. It’s true, while you aren’t out there running a 5k, you are outside and staying busy. That is so much better for you than sitting on the sofa, glued to a screen.
  3. Gardening improves focus. Did you know that there is a form of therapy called horticulture therapy? This therapy has been shown in clinical studies to improve focus, alertness and social skills. As a matter of fact this method of therapy is often used on children diagnosed with ADHD.
  4. Gardening teaches science skills. Planting seeds, providing the proper care that they need and watching them grow is among the easiest science skills that we can teach our children.
  5. Encourages healthy eating. One of my children absolutely hates eating vegetables. However, I have found that he is far more receptive to veggies being on his plate when he has taken part in growing them.
  6. Gardening teaches responsibility. In order for plants to grow to their full potential, they need the proper care. When your child takes on caring for these plants it is teaching them responsibility.
  7. It’s a stress reliever. Despite the fact that you and your child are being active outside, gardening is incredibly relaxing. As a busy mother, the relaxation factor is one of the reasons I chose to begin gardening.
  8. Saves money. It’s no secret that groceries are expensive. This is especially true in the produce department. After the initial expense of creating your garden, you will find that you are saving money at the grocery store by growing your own fruits and vegetables.
  9. Gardening is a valuable life and survival skill. You never know what the future holds and there are some skills that are very valuable to have. I have always tried to teach my children skills such as gardening, housework, mechanical skills and more. It will help make their adulthood less stressful and could possibly help in survival situations. In addition, depending on where you live, produce can be virtually impossible to find or afford, so if they know how to grow it themselves it will be a lifesaver. I have a friend who lives in Alaska and grows all of her winter produce in a tiny garden each summer.
  10. Gardening is fun. Gardening can be a lot of fun! Spending time outside getting fresh air and watching your plants grow from seed to harvest is genuinely a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for parents and kids alike.

I have been gardening with my kids for several years now and I have learned that while it does seem like a lot of extra work, it isn’t! Plus, the time spent with them and the lessons that they learn through their gardening with you, it is so worth it!

Don’t forget to get them some fun gardening tools too, because who doesn’t want to look cute and have awesome equipment while digging in the dirt? Here are some of my favorite kids gardening products that we have here at Sassafrass:

  • the little cooks™ tool kit with herb pot - the kit includes a small whisk, wood spoon, rolling pin, wooden turner, large silicone spatula, small silicone spatula, measuring cups and spoons to give them an early lesson in the importance of accurate measuring. all of these necessary tools store compactly and easily in a windowsill herb pot.
  • bugs garden apron set - kids will bug you for this cute apron set! set includes: bug garden apron and matching gloves.
  • ladybug garden apron set - this set includes an embroidered ladybug apron and a pair of embroidered garden gloves. apron measures 24"l x 18"w and fits sizes 4-8. 100% cotton.

Yes, these are all fun toys for gardening times, but they are also super useful. Plus, even though I think getting dirty is one of the best parts of gardening, these sets help keep that mud at bay.