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The Benefits of the Superstone® Bread Dome


Now though, I have more time at home and I am trying my best to make the most of it. I am spending more time cooking than I probably have in my entire life and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my awesome kitchen tools that make life easier, but there is nothing like the delicious meals that I make in my kitchen stoneware, made with the Superstone® Bread Dome.

When I first heard about bread domes, I guess I assumed that it was all about bread and while homemade bread is amazing, I want my kitchen tools to be useful for more than one purpose. I am all about multi-tasking and that’s one of the reasons why I love the bread domes so much.

I absolutely love to create family meals in the Superstone® Bread Dome, they have actually started to become our family favorites. With both a glazed and unglazed option, the possibilities are endless. The glazed bread dome is wonderful for meat dishes with lots of spices and flavors, the unglazed is great for breads and other like dishes.

Why buy the Superstone® Bread Dome?

If you love to bake a beautiful loaf of bread, you need a bread dome. The Superstone® Bread Dome, unlike the other Superstone® products, is glazed on the inside. It mimics a professional baker’s oven, which means a beautiful crust. The same is true for other foods like chicken and roast. The inside is moist, and the outside is crispy and delicious.


You can either get the unglazed Bread Dome, or you can get one with an outer glaze, now in six beautiful colors!

The Superstone® Bread Dome is simple to use and it is surprisingly easy to clean. For more detailed info, check out our Use & Care page.


How does the Superstone® Bread Dome work?

There is a reason that food cooked in a bread dome and other stoneware tastes so amazing. The Superstone® Bread Dome traps heat and steam from the food within the bread dome and continues to bake the bread, chicken, roast, etc., to just the right temperature and doneness.

Superstone® Bread Dome Recipes

Once you get your bread dome and you are ready to make the best meal ever, check out some of our favorite Bread Dome Recipes and tell us what you think:

Orange Baked Chicken–– This sweet-and-salty recipe itself is delicious, but wow the juiciness of the chicken when made in the bread dome is mouth watering.

Beer-Marinated Pot Roast–– Add a can of your favorite beer or wine, add some chopped veggies and you've got a winner for dinner!

And of course, you can’t forget to make a delicious bread to go along with your perfectly roasted chicken or beef. Here are some of our favorite bread recipes to bake in the bread dome:

Crusty Country Loaf––  I am a huge, huge fan of crusty loaf bread. There is just nothing like a crunchy crust while you bite into the soft interior of a delicious loaf of bread.

Cracked Wheat Sourdough Loaf––  A simple recipe for using your leftover sourdough starter.

So now that you've been convinced, be sure to share your feedback and any pictured you have of your favorite creations. Happy Baking!

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