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Outdoor Summer Fun with Sassafras®


The kids still have a few more weeks of summer left, so let's make the most of it! You definitely want toys and products that encourage them to get some fresh air and exercise, and Sassafras® has got you covered.

outdoor games for kids

one way to keep the kids entertained is with the Frog Bowling Pin Set and the Owl Bowling Pin Set from sassafras®. great for fun, skilled exercise and keeping the kids in the yard where you can keep an eye on them. these are just a few of the many Outdoor Fun toys we have to offer. these activities should keep the kids occupied for the rest of the summer.


Chinese Jump Ropes are a great way to keep kids engaged and in shape. this stretchy jumprope requires two players to string around their ankles, while a third player criss-crosses the elastic cord with all sorts of configurations! Our Flower Pastel Jump Rope is for kids that want to jump rope alone–– wrote an article 9 Benefits of Jumping Rope You Probably Don’t Know that will back up the decision to get some colorful jump ropes or other Outdoor Fun products from Sassafras!


gardening for kids

Our blog article, The Benefits of Gardening with Your Kids, is helpful and informative about why your kids should get into gardening.

Our Garden section has plenty of tools that your kids will love, including the Gardener in Training Apron Set and also the Paint-Your-Own Terrarium is a way to Paint-Your-Own Birdbath, as well as our other Paint-Your-Own figures and coin banks, with paints and brush, will cater to your kids' creative and nurturing nature.

music for kids

We recently wrote a blog article, The Importance of Music for Your Kids that goes in depth about how learning music develops and strengthens your children's developmental skills.

If you have little ones and you want to get them started on the musical journey, our Musical Instruments has so many cute and fun products that will teach as well entertain,  like our bee bells, our bright stripe xylophone, and our ladybug, fish and frog castanets - click and clack a ladybug, fish and frog castanet–– get them individually or as a set of three!

With so many resources available, you simply can't go wrong. As the summer season ends, we hope that you and your kids have fun and stay safe.