The Benefits of Gardening for Your Kids

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One day last summer I made my son mad by forcing him to go outside (I know, I’m such a mean mom). He was wandering around the yard complaining about being “bored” while I was outside working in our garden, so I suggested he come over and help me to which he begrudgingly agreed.

I was already done pulling weeds (thank goodness), at that point I was ready to plant seeds and starts, so I figured he could handle it. Boy was I right! The simple act of planting the seeds and starts was really fun for him, he kept doing it and asking for the next set and by the end of it he was ready to water everything. After that day he came out each day to help me water the garden and check for weeds to pull. 

Once he saw the sprouts begin, he was absolutely hooked. He would come out each and every day to check out the progress. This was great for several reasons. No longer was I having to fight him to go outside and turn off the games, he was now going on his own! Because he was outside more, he was staying more active through gardening and since he was already outside, he was even hopping on his bike often.

To top it off, before long he was eating his veggies!!! The fact that he grew the food himself apparently made the vegetables more palatable (kid logic is the best, isn’t it?). Plus, it’s been so wonderful spending so much time with him. So, I guess you could say that gardening has been a win-win-win for our family.

Since he has now been my little gardening buddy for almost a year, we have been doing more stuff to get ready for this year’s gardening season. We even started a little herb garden in our kitchen which has been awesome for our meals and got him all prepped for planting seeds all over again this season.

He has even begun to help me pull weeds and checking out the best fertilizers for our little garden.   

Children Benefit from Gardening

It's worth noting too that there have been studies done that show that children who are familiar with gardening often score higher on their science studies than those who do not. That’s a good enough reason for me to get my kids interested. I love giving them any boost that I possibly can. Be sure to check out the 10 Benefits of Gardening with Kids, an article by Mommy University.

If you aren’t yourself a gardening pro, have no fear, there are several plants that are quite easy to grow such as radishes, zucchini and other squash varieties. Herbs are pretty easy too, so don’t worry, you’ve got this! Before you know it, you and your child will be gardening pros. 

Country Living lists 15 Best Plants for Kids That Are Easy and Safe to Grow, maybe you and your kids can go through the list together and decide where to start.


Sassafras® Gardening Tools & Outdoor Fun

Through my experience, I have learned that while gardening with kids may seem overwhelming, it really isn’t. You can jump in full force, or take it slowly and roll with what your kids are interested in. Good tools and fun equipment helps too! Check out this awesome kids gardening line that we have at Sassafras®:

  • gardener in training apron set - this set includes a colorful, blue embroidered gardening apron with front pockets and two orange gardening gloves, so the kids can really get their hands dirty!
  • the little cooks™ tool kit with herb pot - the kit includes a small whisk, wood spoon, rolling pin, wooden turner, large silicone spatula, small silicone spatula, measuring cups and spoons to give them an early lesson in the importance of accurate measuring. all of these necessary tools store compactly and easily in a windowsill herb pot. For kids that are helpers in the kitchen as well as the garden.
  • paint-your-own terrarium - a great little greenhouse for your kids' first plants and succulents! The wooden back panel is removable so you can create a colorful background for your garden as well as the other wood surfaces. complete instructions and gardening tips included. terrarium includes: paintbrush, 8 paints and instructions.

All of these gardening tools and sets are fun and can help keep your kids interested in gardening, and those aprons are great for keeping the dirt and mud at bay.

Enjoy this warm summer weather with your family, and Happy Gardening!