Pizza Stone 101: History, Care & Uses


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Wikipedia states that  "A baking stone is often referred to as a pizza stone. Using a pizza stone more or less mimics the effects of cooking a pizza in a masonry oven." And that's the truth. But what so many people don't know is that a pizza stone is capable of baking more than than just pizzas.

Decades ago, if you wanted a pizza you had to go to your local restaurant. But over 30 years ago Sassafras® started making Superstone® pizza stones for both thin crust and Chicago-Style Deep-Dish pizzas, bring the restaurant home to you!

A good pizza stone will be made of a strong mineral that retains high temperatures. This results in a lightning-fast cook time and direct heat across the entire surface of your pizza, so that all of the ingredients cook evenly.

Pizza Stone Articles

5 Reasons You Need a Pizza Stone in Your Kitchen-- this blog by WonderWowTo gives some great ideas for no-pizza stone recipes, like roast chicken or a giant cookie! Be sure to read our blogs 5 Non-Pizza Dishes You Can Make With Your Pizza Stone and 5 Healthy & Tasty Pizza Recipes.

Use & Care of Your Pizza Stone

Taking care of a pizza stone is super easy–– just rinse and scrub the pizza stone with hot water and towel dry. Then, with a paper towel, generously wipe the stone with oil and place the pizza stone in a preheated oven at 400°F for 30 minutes, then turn off the oven. Let it cool to room temperature then you're good to go!

Be sure to read our Superstone® Use & Care Instructions page for more detailed info on how to care for your pizza stone.

Superstone® BBQ Pizza Stone

One of the most important things about perfecting a pizza recipe is the cookware you use to prepare it. The absolute 100% best way to bake a pizza is with a Superstone® BBQ Pizza Stone.

This Pizza Stone from Sassafras® has a natural grooved surface for even heat distribution and a fire-proof finish, perfect for making pizza on the grill in the summertime or any old time you wanna have pizza outdoors!

the superstone® bbq pizza stone can also be used in any conventional or convection oven, giving this stone the most versatility. the unglazed superstone® stoneware pulls moisture from the dough, resulting in a super crispy and delicious crust.

Serve it Up

If you need pizza accessories for cutting and serving your pies, look no further–– Sassafras® has a wood-handled pizza cutter and a silicone-handled pizza cutter for all your baking needs.

So now that you're a Pizza stone expert, we'll be expecting great things from you: go out there and make great pizza, and be sure to tag and share with us when you do!