Use & Care

Use & Care of Superstone® Products


Thank you for purchasing one of our Superstone® products. With the correct Use & Care, you will enjoy many, many years of making home-baked breads, pizzas and other dishes with our stoneware. 

Our Superstone® Stoneware is fired at 2200°F so high oven temps are not a problem. Just avoid open flames.

The best bakeries around the world bake in a brick-lined oven and our bakers replicate that dry environment, absorbing moisture from the dough, resulting in a breads with a delicious light crumb and crisp crust. 



Seasoning Your Superstone® Baker and Pizza Stone

Before using your Superstone® Baker or Pizza Stone the first time, you’ll have to season it to start the process of producing a non-stick finish.

First, rinse and scrub the base of the baker with hot water and towel dry. With a paper towel, wipe a generous amount of canola or vegetable oil across the bottom and sides of the base (in the case of a pizza stone, generously wipe the stone with oil) and place the base in a preheated 400°F oven for 30 minutes, then turn off the oven. Let it cool to room temperature, then remove the base. If there is still oil remaining, you may pour it off and use it for another purpose in the future.

When you bake bread, lightly oil the bottom of the base (you will already have done this if baking bread right after seasoning) and sprinkle it with cornmeal. Then bake the bread according to the recipe. Over time, you won’t have to oil it anymore as it will develop a nonstick finish.


Your First Time Using The Superstone® Bread Dome

The Superstone® Bread Dome base is glazed and does not require seasoning contrary to the unglazed pieces in the Superstone® line that require seasoning.

You may use the Superstone® Bread Dome in a conventional, convection or microwave oven.

Do not add any frozen or very cold foods to the Superstone® Bread Dome and do not expose it to extremes in temperatures as it could break due to thermal shock.

Before using the Superstone® Bread Dome for the first time, wash the interior with hot soap and water and rinse the interior top with hot water.

When you bake your bread, lightly oil the bottom of the base and sprinkle it with corn meal. When roasting or making a stew in the Bread Dome, there is no need to oil the base.

After using the Superstone® Bread Dome, be sure to let it cool to room temperature before washing it.

Your Superstone® Bread Dome will clean up easily, but do not put the lid in the dishwasher. Over time,
the unglazed portion may turn brown with use, which is perfectly normal.



Washing & Cleaning Your Superstone® Product

Be sure that the Superstone® product cools to room temperature before washing it. Do not use soap on your Superstone®. Rather, just scrub it with a wire brush or scouring pad under running water and let it air dry. 


Do not add any frozen or very cold foods to the Superstone® products and do not expose them to extremes in temperatures as it could break due to thermal shock. 

The stoneware cannot withstand a direct flame as it will break. Our BBQ Superstone® Pizza Stone is specially formulated to withstand a direct flame so it may be used on a barbeque or in a wood-fired stove.

Be sure to allow your Superstone® product to cool before cleaning it. 


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