Five Flavorful Bread Recipes for Fall

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With the fall season comes the delicious aroma of breads baking in the oven... Are you looking for new and delicious  bread recipes? Here are five recipes from Sassafras for great tasting bread that echo the feelings of fall.

from Irish sourdough breads to pumpkin streudel bread, you just can't go wrong: have you and your family ever tried chocolate chip pumpkin bread? It's absolutely amazing and a combination you would think wouldn't work well together, but i think your tastebuds will thank you later.

Without further ado, here is our list of 5 festive fall bread recipes you can make with the family in the kitchen:

sourdough irish oatmeal bread

cracked wheat sourdough bread

streusel apple cake

chocolate chip autumn pumpkin bread

autumn pumpkin streusel bread

Be sure to let us know which recipe is your favorite! Be sure to check out our Recipes page for other breads, desserts and roasts, and purchase a Superstone® Covered Baker for all of your bread-making adventures!