Family Time = Pizza Time!

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How do you make sure to set aside time to spend with the family these days? If you are busy like me, you probably have to basically put it on the calendar just like everything else. While that may sound like a sad thing to have to do, the truth is, we often get so busy that we forget to just take time being together. I know that we aren’t the only family like this and I understand completely how easy it is to get so wrapped up in work, in school and extracurriculars that you seem to be running on empty often. That’s why when you schedule it in and make it a part of your routine, you will be glad that you did! Taking time as a family is so important and you will all benefit from it.

We are always so busy and on the go that our focused time together tends to be spent at home and often centered around food. Despite being as busy as we are, we make it a point to eat dinner around the table together at least 4 times per week. We like to talk about the days that we have had, our schedules coming up and anything else that comes up. Truth be told we are one of those families that talks about anything and everything and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is one of the reasons that we have chosen to schedule in cooking together as part of our routine family time. It basically expands on our sitting-around-the-table time and we get to spend more time talking!

Here are some more of the reasons that we choose to do this:

  • This way we are all contributing to the meal. Most of the time I am the one that is left to plan and prepare dinner, but the open this up to the whole family is a nice break for me.
  • The kids will be learning how to cook, which will come in handy as they grow up and go off on their own.
  • It’s so much fun!

I know I have mentioned it before, but our favorite family meal to prepare is pizza. I mean, because it’s delicious, it’s actually pretty easy and believe it or not, pizza making is fun! Let me just take a break to say that if you haven’t made homemade pizza before, it is time to give it a shot! Pizza is arguably the best food in the world as it is, and now you can create your own flavors, adding as much or as little of your favorite ingredient that you choose (I’m looking at you pineapple).

Now, before you even begin on your family bonding, pizza building project, you MUST get yourself a Pizza Stone. Seriously, I think it’s a requirement or something, because pizza just doesn’t taste the same after you enjoy it from a pizza stone.

We have several stones to choose from, all of them great, but each one with its own benefits:

  • superstone® bbq pizza stone - this superstone® has a natural grooved surface for even heat distribution and a fire-proof finish, perfect for making pizza on the grill in the summertime or anytime! the superstone® bbq pizza stone can also be used in any conventional or convection oven, giving this stone the most versatility. the unglazed superstone® stoneware pulls moisture from the dough, resulting in a super crispy and delicious crust. the superstone® bbq pizza stone has a glazed rim and easy-to-carry handles. recipe booklet included. measures 14.5" diameter plus handles. includes recipes.
  • superstone® sicilian pizza stone - this stone's shape and depth is perfect for rustic and sicilian style pizzas. also try breads, pretzels, cookies, and other dough-based treats. unglazed stoneware with glazed rim and silicone handle grips. recipe booklet included. measures 15.75" long x 10.75" wide .75" deep plus handles.
  • 15" round superstone® baking stone with rack - our superstone® baking stone duplicates the effects of a professional pizzeria oven. the stone absorbs moisture, creating a crispy pizza crust! the round shape is great for a traditional-style pizza. also try breads, pretzels, cookies, and anything else that uses dough on your superstone®. we're sure you'll think it's "super!". to clean, simply scrub under hot water -- do not use soap. superstone® measures 15" diameter. 16" with the rack. includes recipes.
  • rectangular superstone® baking stone- our superstone® baking stone replicates the effects of a professional pizzeria oven. the stone absorbs moisture, creating a crispy pizza crust! the rectangular shape is great for a sicilian-style pizza. also great for cookies, pretzels and anything with a dough! to clean, simply scrub under hot water -- do not use soap. superstone® measures 13" wide x 15" long. with rack, it measures 17" long. includes recipes.

Oh and be sure to look all around the pizza section of our store to find lots more great pizza tools, like cutters, spatulas and more.

Once you have your stone and tools and are ready, it’s time to make the pizza of your dreams! If you are having a hard time decided what to make, I have included some of my favorite recipes for you:

Pizza dough. Yes, you can use store bought, but that’s not nearly as fun. This homemade pizza dough is easy to make and tastes great!

Pizza sauce. Again, you can buy a can of pre-made pizza sauce, but I love making my own.

traditional chicago-style deep dish pizza. If you love a good Chicago style pizza, you are going to love this recipe!

MARGHERITA PIZZA. This MARGHERITA PIZZA from My Heavenly Recipes is hands down one of my favorites.

SWEET-&-SPICY PULLED PORK BBQ PIZZA - If you love BBQ and you love pizza, this one is a winner!

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza with Basil Pesto - This one is great for those of us with dietary restrictions.

Honestly, you can create just about any kind of pizza you can imagine and with the kids helping to decide, you may end up doing just that. :)

If these recipes don’t look like a fit for you, check out Pinterest! You can find any pizza recipe there (and follow us while you are at it!).