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15" Round Superstone® Baking Stone with Rack





Our Superstone® Baking Stone duplicates the effects of a professional pizzeria oven. The stone absorbs moisture, creating a crispy pizza crust! The round shape is great for a traditional-style pizza. Also try breads, pretzels, cookies, and anything else that uses dough on your Superstone®. We're sure you'll think it's "super!". To clean, simply scrub under hot water -- do not use soap. Superstone® measures 15" diameter. 16" with the rack. Includes recipes.

Try Our 15" Round Superstone® Baking Stone with Rack Today!

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  1. Great Stone

    Posted by Sheila on Feb 18th 2018

    To be honest I wasn't sure why a pizza cooking stone would be any better than a metal pan. The difference is huge. I will never bake another pizza without using this stone.