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15" Round Superstone® Baking Stone with Rack





Our Superstone® Baking Stone duplicates the effects of a professional pizzeria oven. The stone absorbs moisture, creating a crispy pizza crust! The round shape is great for a traditional-style pizza. Also try breads, pretzels, cookies, and anything else that uses dough on your Superstone®. We're sure you'll think it's "super!". To clean, simply scrub under hot water -- do not use soap. Superstone® measures 15" diameter. 16" with the rack. Includes recipes.

Try Our 15" Round Superstone® Baking Stone with Rack Today!

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  1. First Use No So Good

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 22nd 2018

    This stone replaced my other Sassafras stone. Directions said corn meal and oiling stone options. I followed directions and pre-heated the stone. Put on my buttered dough. Cooked the pizza. The dough stuck to the stone and we could not even thing about removing it. We scraped off the toppings and ate a crustless pizza. Not what we wanted. Have now oiled, and will try again without preheating. Am hoping this stone will be as good as the one it is replacing.

  2. Replacement Pizza Superstone

    Posted by Patricia B. on Mar 14th 2018

    We received a Superstone 34 years ago as a wedding gift and we are still using it weekly. We have not yet used our new Superstone but it is of decent quality and will hopefully last as long as our original one. We were thrilled to find that Sassafras was still in business!

  3. Our last stone lasted 25

    Posted by Anne O. on Mar 14th 2018

    Our last stone lasted 25 years. I hope this one does, too.

  4. Great Stone

    Posted by Sheila on Feb 18th 2018

    To be honest I wasn't sure why a pizza cooking stone would be any better than a metal pan. The difference is huge. I will never bake another pizza without using this stone.