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Rectangular Superstone® Baking Stone





Our Superstone® Baking Stone replicates the effects of a professional pizzeria oven. The stone absorbs moisture, creating a crispy pizza crust! The rectangular shape is great for a Sicilian-style pizza. Also great for cookies, pretzels and anything with a dough! To clean, simply scrub under hot water -- do not use soap. Superstone® measures 13" wide x 15" long. With rack, it measures 17" long. Includes recipes.

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  1. the pizza that love built

    Posted by weaselfest pusorgan on Dec 24th 2018

    25 years ago we received a sassafras pizza stone as a wedding gift. It waa the most used gift we received. I was heart broken when I made the mistake of placing it on too high of a rack position when our oven was in pre-heat mode. Ever so grateful a replacement was available. THE best way to get anything close to a pizzeria crust at home in the oven.