Decadent Pizza Recipes You're Gonna Love Making


Photo: @kkalerry from @unsplash

The Road to Flavor Town

We all know of the classic pizza recipes-- pepperoni, margherita, cheeseburger… But sometimes you want to walk on the wild side of flavor town. Sometimes we need to add a little spice to our lives, am I right?

If you’re willing to try some new recipes with some basic everyday ingredients, then this post is for you! You might introduce your friends and family to a whole new level of pizza cuisine, making you look like a kitchen magician.

Tasty & New Pizza Recipes

Here are some delicious pizza recipes off the beaten path that you can easily make with the Superstone® BBQ Pizza Stone:

Decadent Philly Cheesesteak Pizza–– this fun recipe by has mozzarella cheese, green peppers, and thin sliced beef. Just your favorite Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, this pizza is sure to melt in your mouth.

Zesty Chicken Fajitas Pizza–– this recipe by The Cozy Apron, topped with chicken breast, yellow-and-red bell peppers and an easy-to-make Fire-Roasted Tomato Sauce, yields 4 mini pizzas so no one has to share!

Grilled Chicken & Bacon Pizza with Garlic Cream Sauce–– this recipe by Kleinworth & Co invites you to add any topping you like, but with grilled chicken, bacon, and a homemade garlic cream sauce, you can’t go wrong!

Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil–– this recipe by The Food Charlatan is mostly cheese and blackberries, and you can use our thin crust recipe to get started.

Roasted Pear, Blue Cheese & Bacon Pizza–– Tangy blue cheese, savory salty bacon, and sweet slices of fresh roasted pear make this recipe by Delallo a flavorful delight. Easily made with their pizza dough kit or our homemade thin crust recipe.


Superstone® Pizza Stones

Sassafras® has provided Pizza Stones like the Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza Maker to the world for over 30 years, but even we understand the need to try new things.

Which is why we developed the Superstone® BBQ PIzza Stone, tempered at 5000ºF to be versatile enough to be used in your oven or on the grill, for those days when you want to cook outdoors along with your usual barbecue fare.

So if you haven’t picked up a pizza stone, now’s the right time! And be sure to read our blog, Pizza Stone 101, with tips on how to use and care for your pizza stone, so that it will last for years to come.


Serve it Up

If you need pizza accessories for cutting and serving your pies, look no further–– Sassafras® has a wood-handled pizza cutter and a silicone-handled pizza cutter for all your baking needs.

Have Fun

So now you’re a flavor expert. Congratulations, and have fun making pizzas! Tag and share your photos using Sassafras® products on social media: we love seeing what you’re up to!