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Superstone® Covered Baker with Green Glazed Exterior and Unglazed Interior





The Superstone® Covered Baker® mimics a professional brick-lined oven right in your own kitchen! The Superstone Covered Baker produces an Italian or oblong-shaped loaf of delicious bread. Superstone stoneware material heats evenly, producing a perfectly browned bread crust. The unglazed interior pulls moisture from the dough, producing a bread with a crackly crust and light interior crumb just like breads from your favorite artisan bakery! Many baking cookbooks recommend Superstone because of its superior performance. Great for roasting potatoes with a fluffy light interior and crispy skin.

Stoneware Care  Instructions: Cool baker to room temperature before cleaning. Never use soap on unglazed stoneware. Simply scrape off any remaining food particles and scrub under hot water. Towel or air dry. Do not put in the dishwasher

Microwave and convection oven-safe.

overall height: 7" (to top of handle)
overall width: 5.75"
overall length: 15"
base outer: 15"l x 5.75"w x 2.5"h
base inner: 14.5"l x 5"w x 2.5"h
lid outer: 15"l x 5.75"w x 3.75"h (to top of handle)
lid inner: 14.5"l x 4.75"w x 3"h
base & lid: 15"l x 5.75"w x 7"h (to top of handle)
base & lid: 15.5l x 5.75"w x 6"h (to top of dome)

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