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More Sourdough Starter Recipes for Superstone® Bread Bakers


If you haven't read our blog article, Sourdough Starter Recipes to Get You Started, give it a quick glance: once you're done, here are some sourdough recipes that your family will love!

All of these bread recipes work with either the Superstone® La Cloche, the Superstone® Loaf Pan, or the Superstone® Baguette Baker.


Sourdough Starter Bread Recipes

Whole Wheat Sourdough Ciabatta–– this simple recipe by HolyCowVegan uses sourdough starter and is a "a healthier, wholegrain version" of your favorite Italian Ciabatta bread. This recipes works great with the Superstone® La Cloche.

French Country Bread–– this recipe by uses sourdough starter, sea salt, and whole wheat flour to make a really tasty loaf of bread, works great with the Superstone® La Cloche.

Sourdough Bread Bowls–– Not just for clam chowder! These sourdough bread bowls by My Cultured Palate are great for various thick soups , as well as chili. You make can several loaves at a time in the Superstone® La Cloche.

Double Chocolate Sourdough Loaf–– this recipe by SuzyandCo uses sourdough starter, cocoa, and chocolate chips, plus it fits perfectly in our Superstone® Loaf Pan.

Sourdough Baguettes–– this recipe by Allrecipes uses sourdough starter and works with our Superstone® Baguette Baker, available in six glazed colors.


serve it up

if you need accessories for cutting and serving, look no further–– sassafras® has a wood-handled spatula and a silicone-handled spatula for all your baking and bread carving needs.

Save that sourdough starter

remember, leftover starter has so many uses, so don't throw it away–– if you try any of these recipes, be sure to give us feedback, and tag and share your photos using sassafras® products on social media. happy baking!

Sourdough Starter Recipes to Get You Started

What is Sourdough Starter?According to Wikipedia, sourdough starter prep starts with "a pre-ferment (the "starter" or "leaven", also known as the "chief", "chef", "head", "mother" or "sponge"), a fermented mixture of flour and water, containing a colony of microorganisms including wild yeast and lactobacilli.The purpose of the starter is to produce a vigorous leaven and to [...]

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