Celebrate the End of Summer with Sassafras

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Fall is just around the corner and summer is almost over–– How can you and your family make it last?

There are so many fun ideas and activities that you can do with your family to soak in the rest of the summer sun.
Here's a list of activities I compiled for my own family:

1. Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

Our "Ziploc" Homemade Ice Cream recipe allows you to make your own ice cream! We all know that ice cream is the treat of the summer. Make your own to celebrate summer before it gets too cold to enjoy in the great outdoors. Visit our Desserts recipe page for details how to make your very own ice cream.

2. Outdoor Fun

Play outdoor games with the kids like bowling with our Frog Bowling Pin Set or our Owl Bowling Pin Set. Or maybe play some jumprope games with our bright and colorful Chinese or Flower Pastel Jump Ropes.


3. Arts & Crafts

There's always time for arts & crafts! Sassafras has all sorts of Paint-Your-Own figures, like a Princess coin banks, MermaidsWizards–– there's something for every kid's imagination.

4. Build a Cardboard Slide

For those classic rainy and stormy summer days, build a cardboard slide! Sounds like a blast, right? Whether it's basement steps or second floor steps, this will entertain your child for hours. Visit Milk and Cuddles for instructions how to construct your cardboard slide.

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing to make for a fun memorable summer along with vacations, etc. Summer is precious, take advantage of the time you have together.

For more summer fun ideas visit The Simple Parent.