10 ways to wow your special guests

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Are you going to be having any special guests soon? Do you have a nice dinner party planned for Mother’s Day, or perhaps a brunch with friends you haven’t seen in a while? I’m sure that you want to make a great impression for your guests while they are there, but how? How are you going to make sure that your gathering is one that will have them saying heck ya to the next invite? I have a couple of tips for you, my friend, look no further!

Can I tell you a little secret? Seriously. Keep this one under wraps. I don’t love party planning, I mean, I LOVE having friends over and hosting get togethers, but a super rigid party plan is not my style, I kind of like to just go with the flow and see how the night ends. More often than not, we all have an amazing time! That being said, there are some tips that I always follow that do seem to help.

Here are my top 10 ways to wow your special guests that I think are crucial to good party planning!

  1. Food. Food is #1 on the list, my friends! YES, that is right, I said food. Food makes people happy, it brings people together and it gives everyone plenty to talk about. Especially when it’s good food. Here are some of my favorite party dishes that always bring on conversation: 
    1. Spring Pizza. I do like to keep my menu seasonally themed. For spring parties I like to make spring pizza. These are always met with cheers and a million questions about my recipes. The secret to the best pizza? Superstone bakeware!
  2. Appetizers. Yes, technically this counts as food, but it’s for a whole different thing! You need to have snacks and appetizers on hand for your guests to enjoy while they wait for dinner. Trust me, your guests will love these snacks. I have found big success with charcuterie boards using our beautiful cheese boards.
  3. Drinks. If you are planning to serve alcohol, make sure to have a selection on hand. Maybe several different types of wine, or beer and wine or even some cocktail options. Alcohol is rarely a one size fits all kind of drink. Don’t forget to have non-alcoholic beverages on hand as well for the non-drinkers at your party.
  4. Don’t try new recipes. A dinner party is not the time to try new recipes. I mean, I know that you will probably slay that new recipe and be a pro at it instantly, but what if you aren’t. You don’t want to serve up a dud to your guests, right?
  5. Decor. I’m not the type to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to decorate for one party. I do however, think that you should make your home look nice and party ready. You can do this easily by pairing Sassafras Table Linens and your other household decor together.
  6. Games. Do you like party games? Why not set out a nice collection of board games for your guests to enjoy? It will keep you all having a great time during the party.
  7. Music. If games aren’t your thing, be sure to have a good soundtrack playing in the background. Not too loud that your guests can’t enjoy the conversation, but loud enough for them to hear and enjoy it.
  8. Smile. Keep that smile on your face so your guests know that you too, are having a great time.
  9. Accept help. If your guests offer to bring something to the party, or if they offer to help you while they are there, accept the help! Many guests feel better knowing that they are able to help, and c’mon, you don’t want to do all the work, right?
  10. Relax. Just relax and enjoy your evening and your guests. Everything will be just fine and if everything isn’t quite perfect, I’m willing to bet no one will even notice, so neither should you.

(cheese boards are a great touch for great party!)

Wowing your guests really isn’t as hard as we make ourselves believe it is. As a matter of fact, the gathering itself will keep your friends and loved ones enjoying themselves very much, so yes, follow these tips to help, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You are going to be a great host!

Oh and p.s. If you really want to enjoy your time with your special guests, consider ordering one of these fun craft kits to send with the kids on the way to the sitter. Before anyone gets offended, yes I know you can have an amazing time with your kids there too, but we all need a break sometimes, moms included! Your guests will love the time spent with an undistracted you, your babysitter will appreciated the activities to keep the kids busy and the kids will love the fun they will have!