“Hi, Years ago I did business with you as Your Kitchen in Pittsfield, MA. Thought you’d be pleased to know that my husband left a pair of scissors I bought from you at least 20 years ago – as Your Kitchen has been closed for 19 – in our Massachusetts garden all winter. We just uncovered them and they look great. Thank you.”

Susan Gordon, Your Kitchen, Pittsfied, MA

“The Sassafras Ice Cream Maker is such a great little machine and definitely lived up to my daughter’s expectations. Thanks again.”

Sandy Rathbun, Sassafras Customer

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your pizza stone. My wife and I were given one of your 15″ pizza stones as a wedding gift 15 years ago. One of our first family traditions has been Pizza and Movie Night each weekend. Last weekend, after 15 years and an estimated 800 pizzas, our Sassafras stone split in the oven. It was a sad event – but the pizza was still great! Thanks so much for a great product. I’ll be ordering another one soon!”

Joe Tibules, Sassafras Customer

“I am in LOVE with your stoneware!! I was fortunate enough to find your deep pan pizza stone at goodwill (new) and at the time hadn’t heard of you guys. I figured for $5.99 it was a deal and bought it. Man, am I glad!! The quality is superior to everything else I’ve used, including “Pampered chef” and I now want it ALL!! Great product and I’m thrilled to have found you!”

Jackie C, Sassafras Customer

“Your scissors are the best in the world.  I have owned my owl scissors for 27 years and they cut things regular scissors will not.  In kindergarten  my scissors  were the ones to cut the oak papers e everyone wanted to use my scissors. I am so excited to see that you are still in business making awesome scissors.”

Danielle Alleva, Sassafras Customer