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Sassafras Proofing Basket Oblong with Cloth Liner, Lame & Dough Rising Cloth





This Sassafras Bread baking kit has all you need to bake beautiful breads! Create the perfect environment to raise dough by draping the dough-rising cloth over a bowl or banneton while your dough is proofing.
Includes a banneton with liner, lame, bread couche, and dough-rising cloth.

Use this bowl in the final proof of your bread dough to ensure a perfectly shaped loaf and beautiful spiral pattern on the crust.  The basket is made of a hand-woven, continuous reed as has been done for centuries. And the linen cover helps to remove the risen dough with ease. The bread proofing bowl can be used with or without the linen cover, though we recommend using the linen cover with a wetter dough.To use, simply dust the bowl or dust the linen cover with flour and shake off any excess. 

Do not use water to clean the bowl, but rather brush off the flour with a soft brush. We recommend that you not wash the liner, but rather shake off the excess flour and dough.
Use this basket for breads intended to be baked in our Superstone® Covered Baker.

Basket measures 13” L X 4.25” W x 2"H


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