new england corned beef


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New England Style Corned Beef

Oven roasting this traditional wintertime favorite provides hearty meal in one dish, with little effort for the cook. Serve with horseradish mustard and favorite bread. Makes six servings.

  • 2 ½-3 lb. corned beef brisket
  • 3 large potatoes, peeled and quartered lengthwise
  • 6 medium carrots, peeled and cut in a half crosswire
  • 6 small onions, peeled
  • 1 small head cabbage, cut into 6 wedges (about 1 lb.)

Trim any excess fat from brisket; pat dry. Arrange brisket in Bread Dome along with potatoes, carrots and onions. Sprinkle with seasoning packet of herbs and spices. (If brisket does not come with seasoning, use 2 tsp. pickling spice or 1 bay leaf, 6 whole cloves, and 4 whole peppercorns.)

Cover and put in oven at 325° for 2 hours. Add cabbage wedges and continue baking, covered an additional 30 minutes or until cabbage and corned beef are tender.