Valentine's Day Treats for Your Loved Ones


Valentine's Day is a great holiday, not only because you get to send cards and sweets to your love to friends and family, but it's a chance to brighten up what is often a bleary and icy time of year.

So, let's clear the snow and cobwebs off the month of February and and bake some treats, shall we?

Heart-Shaped Treats

These recipes work best with the Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter from our Assorted Holiday Cookie Cutter Set or our Assorted Cookie Cutter Set (pictured below).

  • This simple recipe for Valentine Cookies by Sugar Spun Run are made with a simple sugar cookie base, dipped in white and dark chocolate, covered with the sprinkles of your choice. An easy-peasy Valentine’s Day dessert!
  • This recipe for Lollipop Cookie Valentines by All Recipes is a fun take on the lollipop–– Using white chocolate, dark chocolate, or half white and half dark. The limits to this tasty treat are limited only by your imagination.
  • This recipe for Peanut Butter Cutout Cookies by Taste of Home is a hit with the kids because you can still decorate them with frosting or just a s a yummy peanut butter cookie with a fun shape.
  • This recipe for Heart-Shaped Krispie Treats by Alex & Alexa is definitely one you can do with the kids–– one commenter suggests using the multi-colored marshmallows. How fun is that?


Baking Tools from Sassafras®

Let's not forget the baking essentials, like our Assorted Cookie Cutters or our Holiday Cookie Cutters, good for any holiday–– a heart for Valentine's Day, an angel and a reindeer for Christmas, and other that are great for anytime of year. Our Cookie Cutter Set has fun shapes, like a car or a kitty cat, that your kids will love!

Also must-haves include our Little Cook™ Deluxe Cookie Set that comes with an apron and cookie sheet, or our Tool Kit with Herb Pot complete with measuring spoons and baking tools that your child will treasure for years.

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We at Sassafras® hope that you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!