Time to Make TikTok Cloud Bread

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Are you on TikTok? If you are, I’m sure you've seen the super-popular recipe for “cloud bread”.

It’s incredibly fluffy, it’s easy to make and I won’t even tell you how much fun it is to cut into and enjoy! Did I mention that it takes just 4 ingredients? Once you see it, you'll see why everyone's talking about it.

So, knowing all of that, you definitely want to make TikTok cloud bread, right? My kids had seen the video countless times and had been asking and asking if we could make some. I have been so busy that I kept putting it off until I had a day off of work because I assumed it was going to be a long project. 

Once I actually sat down and watched one of the videos and I realized that it takes just 4 INGREDIENTS, I was sold! How could I say no to that?

Where Did Cloud Bread Come From?

While many people are just now getting to know cloud bread because of its Tiktok fame, cloud bread has actually been around for a while. It previously because Pinterest famous in 2016 due to the spike in people looking for gluten free and lower carb bread options.

I first ran across cloud bread a couple of years ago when I tried to go keto for a short time and needed to eat low carb. Because I love bread so much, I was looking for any kind of bread substitute. 

I have since gotten smarter and I eat healthier overall so that I can still enjoy my delicious breads and I have never been happier or healthier. That cloud bread from my short lived keto days wasn’t quite the same or as fun as this one is.

Making TikTok Cloud Bread

If you have been baking and cooking as long as I have, you have probably found plenty of recipes that claim they are “easy to make” only to discover that they were no such thing. This isn’t necessarily one of those recipes. While I did find it to be quite easy to make, I also know that having some tips to keep the recipe process running smoothly doesn’t hurt.

There are multiple types of cloud bread recipes floating out there and no one of them is better than the other. It is all about preference! If you want sugar, add sugar! If you want color, add color! Either way, it’s so much fun!


What Tools do you Need to Make Cloud Bread?

Luckily you don’t need too many tools to make the perfect loaf of cloud bread. You need just a mixing bowl, a whisk and a superstone® la cloche®. Why a baker, you ask? Well, the truth is the superstone® la cloche® bread baker bakes bread like no other bakeware and you’ll never have to question if you are using the right equipment.

Or, since you don't need to use the lid at all, the superstone® pie and deep-dish pizza baker would work great as well.

That's it! That's right. You don't need any further tools to make the perfect loaf of cloud bread. So without further ado...

Recipe for TikTok Cloud Bread

I have seen cloud bread made in multiple colors, but I really love the aquamarine colored loaf I’ve seen in some videos so I’m going to include the ingredients to make this color.


  • 4 to 5 large egg whites (approx 9 tablespoons)
  • 2 ½ tsp of corn starch
  • 2 ½ tbsp of sugar)
  • 1 or 2 drops of vanilla, optional
  • Blue Food Coloring (1-3 drops, depending on color preference, optional)


  • Preheat Oven to 300°F
  • Line the Baker with Parchment Paper, lightly oil the paper only (do not oil the baker)
  • Add egg whites into bowl, whisk swiftly until egg whites begin to bubble. Add in the cornstarch, sugar, blue food coloring and vanilla (if desired). Mix until stiff peaks are formed.
  • Once the mixture is stiff and stand on their own, place a rounded loaf shape of mixture onto the parchment paper on your Baker
  • Place in the oven, bake for approximately 25 minutes.

Once the top is slightly brown and firm to the touch, it’s time to peel it from the parchment paper because your cloud bread is ready! The bread will fall as it cools, so if you want to enjoy the bread while it’s still fluffy, give it just a few moments to cool and enjoy.

Can You Change the Recipe Size?

Once you have created cloud bread a few times, it will be quite easy for you to double or triple your recipe so you can make one large loaf of cloud bread, or you can make small portions so that each person in your family or party can have their own tiny loaf. 

This is another thing that is just all about preference. You can make as much cloud bread as your heart (or your children) desire.

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