The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Amazing Unicorn Party


Okay, my friends, I am about to help you become a master party planner. A master party planner for unicorn parties, that is. Unicorns are all the rage right now. Little kids and adults alike are loving them and they are dominating Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Just head on over to Pinterest and type in Unicorn, or go hashtag it on Instagram and see what pops up. It’s amazing how many people are having a blast with unicorn themed parties all the time.

If you have a kiddo that is dreaming of having a unicorn party, guess what? I have an amazing list of tips, tricks, activities, and recipes that you can use to plan the most amazing unicorn party ever!

Unicorn Party Supplies

These Unicorn Printable papers offer almost everything you need to prepare an amazing unicorn party, and they are all free. You get invites, a banner, a cake topper, party crowns and more!

This Unicorn Wreath will look great on your door waiting to greet the party guests.

If you really want to go all out with decor, take the time to make this adorable unicorn centerpieces. They will really make the party pop with some unicorn colors.

Unicorn Party Recipes

Here are some of my favorite Unicorn Party Recipes that will make your party the stuff of legends:

Unicorn Candy - This is such a fun recipe and treat to offer to kiddos during their party.

Unicorn Bread - Oh my goodness, I love this unicorn bread recipe. It’s just so colorful and look tasty!

Funfetti donuts - You’ll notice a theme of funfetti often when seeking out food and fun things to do for a unicorn party. Funfetti and unicorns just go together.

Magical DIY Candy Melt Unicorn Cupcakes - Okay, these look like way too much fun. If it is a kids party you are throwing, it is going to be a hit with recipes like this.

Unicorn Cupcakes - Every unicorn party needs cupcakes like these.

Unicorn Poop Cookies - Kids and poop, they just love it these days, don’t they? Well, at least these poop shaped cookies are beautiful colors. The kids are going to love these!

Unicorn Crafts and Activities

Keep the kiddos busy creating these awesome unicorn crafts or doing these fun unicorn activities at your party. They are going to love it.

Unicorn Headband Tutorial - this unicorn headband is so cute and surprisingly easy to make!

Unicorn Christmas Ornament - Even at a Unicorn Party, you can be doing Christmas Crafts! I love this!

Unicorn Notebook - Let each of the kids create their own unicorn notebook to take home with them later.

Unicorn Slime - Even kids that love pretty unicorns want to be in on the slime craze. Let them create this fun unicorn slime! Just make sure they take it home with them so you aren’t stuck with it.

Unicorn Party Favors

Don’t forget party favors! Actually with a unicorn party, my preference is to let the kids take home the crafts that they have all created during the party, but be sure to have cute party favor bags ready for them to pack them off in.

These DIY Unicorn Party Bags look easy to make and they are adorable!

Here’s another cute tutorial on Unicorn Party Favor Bags! These ones look like a little bit more work, but still relatively easy and oh so pretty!

Unicorn Gift Idea

Okay, I have some big news, my friends. Sassafras has a new animal stool available! The UNICORN ANIMAL STOOL. You knew that I had to have something to go along with this party idea, right? Oh, my gosh, it is so cute and it is available for pre-order now! Your little unicorn fan is going to absolutely love this Unicorn stool.

amelia unicorn stool - amelia ann the unicorn is magical and will add a lot of charm to a kid’s room or apartment. kids love her and adults enjoy this whimsical addition to their apartment or family room. place a tray on top to use as a side table or rest your feet upon her back. amelia can handle over 100 pounds in weight. everyone loves amelia ann the unicorn!

Side note: This has absolutely nothing to do with unicorns, but since I am mentioning the new unicorn stool, it is only fair that I mention that we have a second new stool coming out as well. The Yakety Yak Stool is also currently available for pre-order.

yakety yak stool - kids love sitting upon his back and adults can rest their feet or even place a tray on his top to use as an extra side table! use him for extra seating as he can handle over 100 pounds in weight!

Both of the new stools arrive on November 22, so be sure and pre-order them now to be among the first to get them!