​The Best Bread Spreads

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For your next book club, wine night or girl’s night in, how about serving up something different? We have all had a pizza night, chips and dips or cheese platter night. Heck, sometimes we break out the fondue pot and chocolate fountain, but I want to enjoy another type of snack next time!

How about we put some focus on some delicious bread and even better, how about some mouth watering spread for those breads? The best bread spreads don’t hide the taste of the bread, in fact, they actually bring out the bold flavors in your favorite homemade breads.

The Best Bread Spreads

What kind of bread should you make to go with your bread spreads?

Before we talk about bread spreads, let’s talk about bread. You cannot go into a bread spread night without good bread! Bread Spread night calls for a delicious, homemade bread, not just a loaf of bread bought from the supermarket.

When planning for a lovely night in, plan in advance what type of breads that you will be baking and serving. We have a great selection of recipes here on this recipe page.

What tools do you need to make the best bread for your bread spreads?

Of course you know that whenever we talk about homemade breads here at Sassafras, we are going to talk about the need to use the right tool when baking bread. There is no better homemade bread than a bread that has been made in stoneware.

That is because, as you can see from the product description, “superstone® stoneware material heats evenly, producing a perfectly browned bread crust. the unglazed interior pulls moisture from the dough, producing a loaf of bread with a crackly crust and light interior crumb just like breads from your favorite artisan bakery.”

If you are having a hard time deciding what type of baker to use for your bread, these are my favorite stoneware pieces for baking bread at home:


Superstone® La Cloche - the superstone® la cloche® is the original la cloche bread baker, lauded by fine chefs and bakers the world over! the superstone® la cloche® mimics a professional brick-lined oven right in your own kitchen to make an artisan, country bread loaf.


Superstone® Covered Baker - the superstone® covered baker® mimics a professional brick-lined oven right in your own kitchen! the superstone covered baker produces an italian or oblong-shaped loaf of delicious bread.

Bread Spread Recipes

Now for the bread spreads! These bread spread recipes are my favorites and each time I have made them so far, they have been a hit.

Garlic Lovers Bread Dipping Oil - This recipe for garlic lovers bread dipping oil is so good, you might think you are enjoying dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant instead of enjoying it in your home.

Check out more of our delicious dipping oil recipes here.

Basil / Tomato / Cheese Bread Spread - Do you love the taste of sun dried tomatoes and basil? I do. You can make this spread by mixing together basil, sun dried tomatoes, a little bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of pepper to make this delicious bread spread.

Avocado and Garlic Bread Spread - Mash up an avocado, spread it on the bread and then top it with some crushed garlic to make a deliciously easy bread spread that will be a hit.

Avocado and Honey - Okay, I’m going to be honest here, I have never had this, but I’ve been seeing so many people on my Instagram feed sharing this bread spread recipe, there has to be something to it. Just mash up a ripe avocado, spread it on your bread and drizzle honey on top. I’ll be trying this spread soon.

Tuna Bread Spread - If you are a tuna fan, you are going to love this one! Take two cans of tuna (packed in olive oil), mix with green onions to taste, ¼ cup of unsalted butter, and fresh cracked pepper.

Homemade Jam - Jam has been a favorite bread spread of mine since childhood. It cannot be just any old jam though, it must be homemade jam. Berry jams are my favorite, but I happen to love peach jam almost as much.

I hope that you enjoy your bread spread night and each and every one of these delicious recipes!