The Best Bread Recipes for Spring

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Spring is here! That means the weather will be warming up a bit, the flowers will be in bloom and oh my goodness winter sports have come to an end (at least that is what is happening in my family)! For us, spring time actually means more time spent at home relaxing and spending time together. One thing that we do more often during the spring is baking! I especially love opening the windows and doors on nice days and mixing up bread recipes for spring.

There’s just something about the start of a new season that makes me love baking like this:

The Best Bread Recipes for Spring

Before we talk about the best bread recipes, let’s talk a little bit out why you should make your own bread at home.

  • It’s delicious! Seriously, biting into a fresh baked loaf of bread is just so yummy!
  • It’s cheaper. When you bake bread often the cost drops a lot over the cost of individual loaves of bread, especially if you want delicious specialty or gourmet foods.
  • It smells amazing. Have you ever walked up to your house after bread has been baking all day? Oh my goodness it tastes amazing!
  • It’s a great bonding experience. Baking together with kids is such a great way to spend time bonding! It’s also a great way to relax.
  • It’s healthy! Here is the thing, bread gets a bad rap sometimes, but the reality is that it can actually be quite good for you! Here are just some of the health benefits of homemade bread:
    • You know what the ingredients are. Here’s a little tip for you. Don’t ever look at the ingredient list on your store bought bread, there are way too many ingredients that you just won’t recognize. When you make your own bread, you know exactly what is going into it.
    • Lower sodium. Many of us have far too much sodium in our diets and most pre-packaged foods are full of it!
    • More whole grains. Many people can benefit from whole grains and when you are making homemade bread you can add in just what you need!
  • Allergy friendly. If you have eating restrictions or allergies you can easily work around it and tailor your recipes to meet your specific restrictions. For example, my daughter and I both have to follow a gluten free diet for health reasons and I very rarely buy gluten free bread (it’s so expensive!) so making it homemade allows us to actually enjoy bread again!

If you are ready to make the best bread ever, check out this list of some of my favorite recipes:

You all know how much I love our Sassafras products for baking, but never is this more true than when baking bread! Make sure you grab one of our wonderful bread bakers!

  • superstone® la cloche® - the late james beard wrote, "the bread i have been baking in it is nothing short of sensational." This product is a bread-lovers dream as it duplicates a professional brick-lined oven, creating a light crumb and crusty exterior. no need to soak the la cloche™.
  • Superstone bread dome - the "incredible" superstone® bread dome is an amazing product for baking breads and chicken, vegetable or meat dishes. the stoneware material replicates a professional brick-lined oven to create a dry, even heat and spectacular bread. the domed shape allows air to evenly-circulate around the baker for a uniformly browned crust on your bread while the unglazed lid helps create the perfect environment for baking crackly breads and juicy chickens and roasts.
  • superstone® covered baker - the superstore covered baker produces a spectacular italian, or oblong, loaf of bread! it’s unglazed interior pulls moisture from the dough, replicating the effects of a brick-lined oven to give you a light crumb and crusty exterior loaf. try roasting potatoes in the baker for crispy skins and a fluffy interior. if you’re a bread baker and enjoy baking different types and shapes of bread, this baker is terrific!
  • oblong proofing basket
  • Bread whisk
  • rectangular marble and mango wood board

I hope you all have lots of fun baking your favorite bread this spring! I know I am looking forward to it.