Set Your Thanksgiving Table with Airlaid Linens

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Are you ready to deck the.... Tables? Sassafras® Airlaid paper linens are the perfect addition to your festive table settings which makes it very easy for entertaining. They are also very stylish and will be the talk of your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.

Set Your Thanksgiving Table with Airlaid Linens

Choose your favorite colors for the holidays and save the hassle of washing, ironing, or dry-cleaning! This definitely cuts down on holiday stresses. Who doesn't love that?


There are multiple sizes in the Seta Spun collection: their table covers and napkins give a luxurious feeling with a beautiful slight shimmer. The Damascato Table Covers table covers and napkins are also luxurious as well.

You can mix and match colors and styles to fit your personal taste from formal to colorful.


Order your Airlaid linens now and you'll be ready to host the perfect holiday event!

Happy Thanksgiving!