Plan the Perfect Father's Day BBQ for Dad with These Dips

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I know it seems like mother’s day was just yesterday, but don’t forget that Father’s Day is fast approaching and I want to help you make it the best day ever for your father, husband, significant other or any other father in your life that you want to make feel special!  

If you are wondering what is up with the photo of pizza, you will see. For the fathers in my makes them feel special. It's always pizza. 

In my family we always have a Father’s Day BBQ to celebrate all of the dads in our family so that means that we celebrate my husband, my father in law and my brothers-in-law (my family lives out of state). If a fun family BBQ sounds like a good time to the dads in your life, here are 10 tips for a successful Father’s Day BBQ that can keep you celebrating in style and reminding Dad just how important he is:

Yes, these are all fun toys for gardening times, but they are also super useful. Plus, even though I think getting dirty is one of the best parts of gardening, these sets help keep that mud at bay.

  1. Let Dad choose the invite list. I know this one should be self explanatory, but it is his day, let him choose who he spends it with. Sure, you may want to invite your bestie over, but that may not be who he wants his day spent with.
  2. Let Dad choose the menu. Yes, I know, it is starting to sound like a theme, but again, it is his day, let him choose! Everyone has a favorite meal, especially a favorite grilled meal. Don’t let Dad get stuck eating hot dogs when his favorite is a nice grilled pizza (more on that to come)!
  3. Prepare the food in advance. With the exception of the food that is going to actually be grilled, be sure to prepare all of the food in the days before the BBQ. That way the BBQ itself can be about spending time together as opposed to everyone working on the menu during that time.
  4. Have a good selection of dishes. Oftentimes celebrations are centered around the food that we serve and that is especially true when the celebration of choice is a BBQ! Be sure to have plenty of side dishes to go along with your main dishes.
  5. Mix it up. Let be real here. Our typical BBQs include menu items such as hot dog, hamburgers, chicken legs, etc. It’s not that these items can’t be tasty, but since we grilled a lot it, there is just nothing out of the ordinary with these foods. When we throw our annual Father’s Day BBQ we always include more “exciting” foods to cook on the grill. Kabobs and BBQ pizza are on this year’s menu and everyone is super excited!
  6. Don’t forget the beer. Did you know that according to surveys, close to 40% of dads say that their favorite BBQ thirst quencer is beer. If this is true for the Dad in your life, be sure and grab some brewskis to throw on ice, or, grab his favorite soda to keep on hand.
  7. Keep the decor lowkey. I don’t mean to stereotype or generalize here, but every dad I know could care less about party decorations. Sure they don’t want trash strewn about the yard, but they aren’t worried about color schemes or themes. Since this party is likely just for family anyway, keep it simple. It’s less work for everyone!
  8. Turn up the music (just don’t turn it up too loud...sorry neighbors). I’m sure Dad has some favorite tunes that he loves, but doesn’t get to listen to often. In our family, my husband loves his old school 80s rock, but we also have a teenager at home, so as I’m sure you could guess, he doesn’t get his music choice all the time. For our Father’s Day BBQ, we will be using the bluetooth speaker and blasting some Journey, Def Leppard and more of his favorite big hair bands.
  9. Let Dad be the Grillmaster (or grill for him). That’s right, this one seems contradictory, but really, just let Dad do what he wants to do. If he loves being in charge of the grill, then let him be. If he wants to take a break, then you and the kids can be the grillmaster of the day! Either way it’s a win!
  10. Shower him with gifts! It’s Father’s Day after all! Let Dad know how you feel about him and present him with some fun gifts. My hubby has developed a fairly recent love of grilling and really loves to grill on his new grill/smoker combo, so this means that this year we are presenting him with some fun grilling gifts and you can bet that we are going to be having a fun, grilling Summer! This year we are thinking of a themed gift package to go along with his love of grilling:
    • superstone® bbq pizza stone - have you ever had pizza prepared on the grill before? If you said no, then my goodness you are missing out! The first time we had grilled pizza was a $5 take and bake pizza shop special and even that tasted amazing! Now we only do homemade and it is like gourmet meal prepped on your very own grill. A pizza stone is necessary though to get the best taste.
    • wooden pizza cutter - you can’t have great pizza without the perfect slice, right?
    • wood-handle offset spatula - Pizza is hot right off the grill, you need a spatula made just for cooking with a pizza stone.