Pizza Baking with Stoneware on the grill

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I don’t know about all of you, but I am doing all I can to hold on to summer. Holding onto summer, for me, means spending as much time outside as I can, enjoying the outdoors and firing up the grill as often as possible. 

We love grilling up dinners around here. Our favorites are burgers, chicken, desserts (yes, you can grill dessert), and pizza. Pizza is hands down our favorite food to grill and enjoy.

We really enjoy having BBQ pizza when we have friends and family over for dinner. Pizza itself is a great dinner party food because it feeds a crowd, but when you grill up some delicious BBQ pizza, that crowd will be well fed. 

Everytime we make grilled BBQ pizza for guests they have gushed about how delicious it is.

As it turns out, October is National Pizza Month and I plan to celebrate it every possible day that I can. Yes, I love pizza that much. If you are a pizza fan like me, keep on reading to find out how pizza baking with stoneware on the grill can result in the best pizza you have ever had!

Pizza Baking With Stoneware On The Grill

If you have never enjoyed pizza on the grill before, you are going to be wowed by just how delicious it is! I mean, pizza is great in all forms, but the grilling just does something special to the pizza pie. Pulled off of the grill, your pizza comes with a delicious (but not too strong) smoked taste, crispy crust and soft, yet slightly crunchy top. 

For the record, I think I am doing BBQ pizza an incredible disservice in my description, because I just can’t convey how delicious it is!

If you are ready to try to grill up the best pizza ever, here are some of the steps I follow for grilling BBQ pizza. Trust me friends, you are going to have a hard time going back to regular pizza after this.


Start with the best ingredients

Hey..I know we all like to save money, but to get the best pizza, you need the best ingredients. I hit up the farmers stands for fresh veggies, buy good quality meat and cheeses, and I make my own sauce. Using all good ingredients like this really does enhance the overall flavor of the pizza.

Use the best tools

I feel like I am always harping on you to use good tools in your baking, but the truth is, next to ingredients, this is the most important part!

Use a Pizza Stone

As much as you may see people say to put the pizza directly on the grill, but I am not a fan of this advice. While, yes, it will still cook the pizza, it tastes so much better when you use a pizza stone! You just cannot compare the crust on a pizza that has been made with a quality stone.

This stone happens to be my favorite for making pizza on the grill:

pizza bbq stone - this superstone® has a natural grooved surface for even heat distribution and a fire-proof finish, perfect for making pizza on the grill in the summertime or anytime! the superstone® bbq pizza stone can also be used in any conventional or convection oven, giving this stone the most versatility. 

the unglazed superstone® stoneware pulls moisture from the dough, resulting in a super crispy and delicious crust. the superstone® bbq pizza stone has a glazed rim and easy-to-carry handles.

of all the superstone® pizza stones, the bbq pizza stone is the only one recommended for open flames, great for outdoor barbeque.

Also, be sure to use a quality pizza cutter and/or spatula to slice your pie perfectly!

More Tips for the Best BBQ Pizza:

  • Use fresh dough for your crust. Yes, you can buy store bought crust, but it just isn’t the same! Freshly made crust is so so good!
  • Grill the crust for a few minutes before grilling the pizza. I think that pizza tastes much better when you grill the crust by itself first. It only needs to be on the grill for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) each side, until it’s lightly browned.
  • Brush the crust with olive oil before adding your ingredients.
  • Keep delicious extras like parmesan cheese, flaked peppers, and rosemary on hand to add to your pizza.

Use the Right Recipe

I seriously love all kinds of pizza on the grill, but if you are looking for some new recipes to try when you make your pizza on the grill, check out our recipes page for some seriously delicious pizza recipes, including one for a yummy homemade pizza crust. 

Enjoy National Pizza Month, my friends!