​Our favorite Thanksgiving Pies

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Thanksgiving is upon us. You know what that means. Yeah, thankfulness, family, gathering and all of that, of course. You know what I was really thinking though… that’s right. PIE. Delicious, comforting, down home, sometimes sweet, occasionally spicy, deliciously warm pies. All. The. Pies.

Do you make homemade pies for the holidays? I do. Look, Thanksgiving is literally the only time of year that we even eat pie, so I am not about to waste that on some frozen pie. I mean, no offense to the frozen pie makers out there..there are some really great frozen pies these days. I just prefer to have my pie experience be the real deal. That means the right ingredients and the right tools for making them. The ingredients vary from person to person, but the tools are always the same. You need a good set of quality pie tools for the best pie experience. In my experience, that means a great quality pie pan and for me that is the superstone® deep dish pizza/pie baker. Every pie baked in this baker comes out with crusts that are lighter and flakier and oh so delicious. Oh, and don’t be like me. I am a cheapskate that has held out for years to buy an actual pie spatula so I have forever failed at scooping out the perfect piece of pie. Not worth it, my friends. Spend the couple of dollars needed for a great pie spatula like this wood-handle offset spatula (seriously...the $5 is worth the pretty, photo-worthy slices of pie).

My main issue is that my family loves pie and if I let them, they would request 15 different pies for Thanksgiving celebrations. We tend to always stick to the basics with a pumpkin pie and an apple pie and then we throw something new into the mix. We do this every year without fail because we like to be wild and crazy like that.

Over the years, we have had some pies that were a big hit, and some that were okay, but people didn’t love them. If you are wanting to surprise your family with a new pie recipe or two this holiday season, check out this awesome list of pie recipes which include our all time favorites and some that we are really excited to try out.

Sweet Potato Pie

Okay y’all. I’m about to blow your mind. I have never, ever had sweet potato pie. I’m confused. Is it sweet? Is it savory? Is it meant for a side at dinner? Is it a dessert? Why do I want a pie filled with potatoes? You know what, though? I’m totally making one this year! I won’t have to question it again!

Apple Pie

My husband and son love apple pie. I mean they LOVE it. I like it alright, but it isn’t my favorite. They love it though, especially when served warm with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin Pie

Yep, I’m one of those people. You know the ones. I could live on pumpkin pie during the holidays. I love it so much, I am more than happy to eat it for the meal. It’s that good. Are you a pumpkin pie lover too? Wanna know something weird though? I do not like pumpkin spice flavored anything (yuck)

Adorable Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie

This is another great pumpkin pie recipe, but how cute is this crust?! I am terribly uncreative, but my daughter is great at this sort of thing so we will be giving this a shot this year.

Chocolate Fudge Pie

I am a big chocolate lover. Other people in my family like chocolate okay, but I am by far the chocolate lover in our family so whenever we make this pie, I end up eating it all! Terrible, right?

Pecan Pie

This classic pecan pie is so easy to make and you will bring back all of those old fashioned Thanksgiving memories. I think everyone I know has fond memories of their grandmother or other family member making a delicious pecan pie

Coconut Cream Pie

This is high on my husband’s favorite list. I, myself, am not a coconut fan, but I make him a coconut cream pie every single year because I know how much he loves it! It’s much easier than you might think too!

Gluten Free

We have mentioned it before, but we have several gluten free members of our family so I will definitely be some gluten free pies on our holiday table this year. These ones are so good, even the non-gluten free eaters love them.

Peanut Butter Cream Pie

If you are a peanut butter lover, you need to try this allergy friendly peanut butter cream pie! It’s so so good!

Gluten Free Apple Berry Pie

I love berry pie, just love it. Blackberry pie was the first pie I ever enjoyed (outside of pumpkin that is), and it was the only fruit-type pie I liked for years and years. Now that I actually enjoy apple pie, I really like the combination of the two.