National Pizza Day Recipes

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Did you know that there is a National Pizza Day? With the popularity of pizza, it is

no suprise that there is. I mean, I'm all about celebrating pizza, aren't you?

So that is exactly what we are going to do on February 9th, National Pizza Day.

How about we celebrate this glorious day by learning a little bit more about this

globally popular food?

The History of Pizza

The first food known as pizza was made by bakers in Naples in the mid-1600s.

Pizza was originally prepared for and sold to poverty stricken Neapolitans who

spent much of their time walking along the streets. This led many “upscale”

Italians to look down on the poor and their “disgusting” eating habits.

While the first “pizza” was made in the 1600s, there have been similar foods

being made since the Neolithic age. These foods often include flatbreads with

various toppings and were made throughout the world.

In the late 1800s, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita made a visit to Italy

and requested to try this “pizza” that they had heard so much about. The famed

Italian baker, Raffaele Esposito of Da Pietro Pizzeria, invented a pizza for the

King and Queen made with red tomato sauce, white mozzarella cheese, and

green basil (for the colors of the Italian flag). The Queen loved this pizza, thus

it became the famed Margherita pizza.

It wasn’t until Italians began migrating to the Americas that the rest of the world

became introduced to pizza in the late 1800s.

Pizza in North America really hit its popularity after WWII when soldiers came

back from the war and wanted to taste more of the delicious pizza that they

had been eating while they were overseas.

Today, pizza is a booming business. With worldwide revenue pushing $150 billion,

this is a business that isn’t likely to leave anytime soon.

Frozen pizza is among the top 3 most popular convenience foods.

Home-baked pizza was largely unheard of until 1977 when Sassafras introduced the 

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Maker.

If these facts about the history of pizza don’t impress your friends, I’m willing to bet

that inviting them over for the best homemade pizza will do the trick!

How to Make the Best Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza can be made to taste far better than any takeout or restaurant pizza that you can find, which is why I highly recommend that you get the right tools and learn how to make homemade pizza. It’s so so good!

When I say homemade pizza, it should be noted that I am not talking about frozen pizza. I am talking about from-scratch pizza. Regardless of how delicious they claim to be, there truly is no comparison. Homemade pizza is the best.

When making homemade pizza, it doesn’t even matter what type of pizza are your favorites. With the right tools, you can make them all! Amazing deep-dish style pizza, thin crust, New York Style, gluten free, the list goes on….it can all taste amazing.

All from the comforts of your own kitchen. The best pizza though, needs to be made with the best tools. You will be amazed at how much better your pizza will taste once you begin using the right equipment.

What equipment do you need, you ask? First and foremost, that means no more generic aluminum pizza pans for you. You need the right bakeware

(more on that later), when it comes to baking your pizza, you can use your regular kitchen oven or you can even use an outdoor grill.

I also feel that it is worth mentioning that quality ingredients will make the most delicious pizza. Fresh is always best! I do like to make my own pizza sauce, I choose high-quality meats, and I personally love veggies straight from the farmers market.

Back to the bakeware that we talked about earlier, these are my absolute favorite

Sassafras products that help to make the best homemade pizza.

Sassafras SuperStone® Deep Dish Pizza/Pie Baker,Natural

Superstone circular, stone pizza and pie-making dish comes gift boxed and packaged to prevent damage

Measures 11.25" D x 1.75" H

Superstone stone bakeware provides optimal heat and air circulation

Microwave and convection-Safe

Recipe Booklet included

Sassafras Superstone® BBQ Pizza Stone

GREAT FOR GRILLING - Superstone Barbeque Pizza Stone is great for grilling pizza on the BBQ!

CAN TAKE DIRECT FLAME - The Superstone pizza stoneware body can withstand a direct flame.

ABSORBS MOISTURE - Our cooking stoneware surface absorbs moisture and the fluted surface allows

air to circulate for a crispy crust.

PERFECT CRUST - Superstone cooking stone evenly browns for a perfect crust!

EASY GRIP HANDLES - Ear handles make handling the pizza cooking stone Superstone easy and safe!

Sassafras SuperStone® 15" Pizza Stone with Rack

Comes With Rack

Natural, Porous Material

Creates Crispy Light Crust

15 Inches In Diameter

Multi-Functional In Use

So, enjoy your delicious homemade pizza and I hope you all have a happy

National Pizza Day, my friends!