Kids Decorating Their Own Space

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Do you let your children decorate their own rooms? I know that many of us parents struggle to let kids decorate when they are young. I mean, c’mon, we can only look at bright scribbles so long before we lose our minds, right? I have found that each child is different when it comes to how well they can decorate their own space. My teenager, for example, has been able to decorate her own space since she was like 5, while my 11 year old is still questionable. He would literally hang up a cool picture that he finds on a cereal box. (I feel like there has to be some of you out there that totally get what I am saying). A while back, I read an article featuring a leading child psychologist who talked about how parents should let children decorate their own room. In the article, that psychologist also talked about how allowing kids to do this will help to create the child's own psychological space that is important for everyone to build the strongest self-esteem and confidence. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement! Plus, I just love to see my kids’ personalities shine through in their decor! Let them have their own space!

But let’s just say that you need to have a little bit of control over what your kids have in their rooms. You can give them a little bit of leeway and trust me, they will love it! Even with leeway, you can lead them in the right direction. For example, you can lead them to our amazing decor pieces, or let them choose simple pieces such as a hamper, or nightstand or even just one or two wall pieces. Trust me, once they get to be in charge of even one or two pieces in their space, they will be far more comfortable.

Believe it or not, good parenting is not about how well organized or cutely decorated your home is. It is about letting your children learn to be the people that they want to be. This means that sometimes you just need to chill out and let things go! Your children and your family in general will be happier for it.

Okay, I could go on and on about how important it is to let your kids express themselves via their decor, how about now you take a look at all of the things that they can choose to display in their rooms! Check out all of the fun decorations we have here at Sassafrass (and trust me, there are lots).

  • Animal shaped chalkboards
  • Super Cute Lamps
  • Fun switchplate covers
  • Awesome growth charts
  • Wall racks (to hang up the kids jackets and backpacks)
  • And more.

Imagine letting your child pick and choose between all of these great bedroom decor items and how much fun they will have putting it all on their canvas (aka bedroom)!

I want to mention my favorite thing that we offer for room decor though and that is our Animal Stools! These Animal Stools are so adorable and honestly, they go with anything! They fit in any kids bedroom or playroom and even apartments, family rooms and living rooms can be brightened by these adorable animal stools

If you check them out on the Sassafras site you will see this description of the Sassafrass Animal Stool: “brighten a kids room, playroom or even an apartment with these charming animal stools. kids love their charming faces and adults enjoy this whimsical addition to an apartment or family room. place a tray on top to use as a side table, or rest your feet upon their backs. everyone loves our animal stools” and boy is this description spot on! Here are some of the stools that we have available to purchase right now:

As you can see from the photos and descriptions of the stools they are really great for an accessory decor piece, and as a great piece of furniture! No need for extra chairs when you have these stools around. The various colors and designs work with just about any decor, any style and any room.

Once you let your kiddos decorate their room, please showcase those rooms on Instagram or other social media tagging Sassafrasenterprises so we can see how you make these pieces work for you!