Keep the Kids Having Fun at Home

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We are going through a strange period of time. It’s stressful and uncertain and it’s hard to know what on earth to do! I know how stressed out you are, trust me, things are stressful! It’s hard to know what to do or where to turn with the non stop changes and news alerts. It is important to remember though that when you are stressed, the kids are stressed too. Although we may not think of it like this, it is important to maintain a sense of fun for the family. The kids need to maintain normalcy in these times and it’s important to keep their spirits up! It’s too easy for depression and anxiety to set in if we don’t continue with fun and activity.

The key to being able to keep the kids having fun at home is to be sure that they have tools to do so. During our time at home, I have been trying to keep my kids busy with as many crafty activities as I can. I want their minds stimulated and I want to keep their imaginations busy!

Keep the Kids Having Fun at Home with These Fun Kits

We are keeping busy doing activities, but we are also making sure to keep the kids learning and doing imaginative activities, we are also working on different life skills. For example, we are working on teaching the kids all about money! Specifically, we are focused on saving money.

These fun paint your own bank sets are a perfect way to incorporate all of the above into one activity.

Paint Your Own Mermaid Bank

Not only is this Paint Your Own Mermaid Bank cute, but the kids will love to show off their savings with their artwork.

Paint Your Own Dachshund Bank

One exciting thing about letting the kids paint their own banks is that because they have painted it, they are going to want to come back over and over and each time they do, they can put money in!

Paint Your Own Dinosaur Bank

Kids love dinosaurs. That’s just one of the things that makes this fun Paint Your Own Dinosaur Bank so great!

In addition to saving money, another thing that we have been working on a lot is gardening! We have created a flower garden, a container garden, and we even built a small greenhouse! We are growing flowers, fruits and vegetables and we are watching excitedly each and every day as our plants have turned from seeds to sprouts to full on plants now. Next up, harvest!

These super fun paint kits are perfect for displaying in our garden!

Paint Your Own Bird Bath

The kids can paint this adorable bird bath to help to invite precious birds into your yard! They will love seeing birds land on their artwork.

Paint Your Own Garden Gnome

Gnomes are considered good luck for your garden, but I think they are even more lucky when they are painted by my favorite kids!

It doesn’t all come with a lesson though, sometimes we want to create just to create! These fun paint sets are perfect for displaying on our craft shelves and countertops. I love to brag on my kids’ creations!

Paint Your Own Llama

Llamas are all the rage, especially since the surge of a certain popular online battle royale game!


Many of us have had our vacations cancelled this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t see a tropical bird! Have your kiddos paint and design the best flamingo just for you!

Paint Your Own Rocket

If your kiddo’s imagination runs to outer space, this Paint Your Own Rocket set is perfect!


Everything's better with a robot friend, don’t you think? The kids get to paint their own robot pal with this set.

Paint Your Own Nutcracker

I’m a big believer that it is never too soon to start getting ready for Christmas! We have a Paint Your Own Nutcracker set that is super fun and will get the kids ready for that magical time of year.

The times may be stressful and we may be getting used to a new normal, but that doesn’t mean that we need to say goodbye to fun! We can all keep having fun at home with the right tools.