It's time for a Sleepover!

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When you were a kid, did your parents let you go to sleepovers? I lived in a small, everyone-knows-everything-about-everyone kind of town growing up. I’m not even kidding. My hometown has a population of 997, my graduating class had 17 students in it. I know that many people despise these type of towns, by many people love them too. I loved a lot of things about it, one of which was that sleepovers happened literally every single weekend without fail because we were all like family. If I am being honest, I will fully acknowledge that my best friend and I continued our sleepover tradition well into adulthood! We love them!

Well, now that I have been reminiscing about days gone by, I guess I just miss those days more than I thought. Now though, I am the parent and that means that when it comes time for those sleepovers that I often took for granted, I get to put them together and make sure that they all are successful! My kids go to a much bigger school than I did, but they have a very tight knit group of friends and my husband and I have become good friends with those kids’ parents so sleepovers happen often around here! Maybe not every weekend, but my kids’ sleepovers often last the entire weekend and I love it. The late night gigging from my daughters room, the boys working together to beat their latest video game. Sleepovers really don’t take much prep work and they are so very worth it! The only two thing I do is prepare the sleeping arrangements and make sure I have food on hand, because we all know how much kids eat.

When I am sending them off for a sleepover, it’s a little bit different, but we do have a routine. We use these awesome plush overnight bags and fill them up with all of their sleepover goodies and send them off. The sleepover stuff stays in these bags all the time (only taken out to be washed) and that’s that. As you can see, they are just adorable! I mean, I don’t think I know any child that wouldn’t jump on the change to carry around that adorable plush dragon bag! Strike that...I guess that’s going a little overboard because I have a niece that only carries sparkly, princess stuff, but hey, we’ve got that covered too!

The stuff I fill this bag up with includes a throw blanket, some extra pjs, clothes for the next day and their travel toothbrush. Having everything packed and ready to go saves a ton of time and makes the getting ready process so much easier.

Here are the different fun plush bags we have:

meow sleepwalkers bag - kitty lovers are going to want to have this bag with them on their fun sleepover!

dragon magical bag - Umm, hello!  It's a DRAGON! Everyone loves dragons, don't they?

fairy princess magical bag - For all of my princess loving little friends!

scout overnighter bag - Scout is so great, isn't he?

wizard magical bag - YAY for Wizards!  Who is your favorite wizard?

What activities do you plan for your kids sleepovers?  Here are some of the fun things that we try to rotate doing during sleepovers.

Ice Cream Sundae Party - None of us need a reason to enjoy an ice cream night, right?  let's get real here...I enjoy ice cream way more often than i should, but I still love having a sundae party!  That's right...I mean the kids love having a sundae party (was that believable?). For our sundae parties, we like to use these adorable ice cream sundae cups.

Making cookies - We make cookies a lot too, so those are definitely not saved for sleepovers, but trust me, it happens often during sleepovers. 

Arts and crafts - We are all friends here, right?  I want to be honest with you.  I am not the most crafty, or creative person you will meet.  I mean, I enjoy the activity of arts and crafts, but I don't come up with great ideas and I don't create beautiful things on my own, but thankfully we here at Sassafrass have some awesome arts and crafts that will turn out beautifully, even if you are art challenged like me.