Fun Kids' Recipes: Baking Cereal Treats


Cereal: From Kellogg's Froot Loops® to Special K

Breakfast cereals, be they the sugar-frosted, multi-colored cereals for kids or the healthy, bare-bones cereals for adults, are a staple in our lives. 

And since you've probably got a box or two of cereal lying around as a snack or as a backup for dessert, we thought we'd make a list of easy-to-make recipes that combine cereals and snacks together!

Rice Krispie Treats: the First Cereal/Snack Hybrid

The story is that Kellogg employee Mildred Day invented the recipe for a fundraiser for a group of Camp Fire Girls back in the 1930's. She called them the Krispies Marshmallow Squares. After Mildred Day left the company in 1936, the recipe was repackaged as Rice Krispies Treats in 1940.

Rice Krispie Treat - This recipe by Sally's Baking Addition is described as being "extra marshmallow-y, extra gooey, extra buttery, extra flavorful, and extra AWESOME".

40 Genius Ways to Use Breakfast Cereal - These recipes by Taste of Home are sure to keep your little baker engaged in the kitchen for months to come! 

Cereal Macarons with Cereal Milk Frosting - this recipe by The Busy Spatula is for those little chefs who want to make something that looks fancy but is pretty simple make. Just grab your favorite mini cereal packs that you get from the dollar store along with the other necessary ingredients and you're good to go!

White Lucky Charms Cookies - recipe from The Recipe Rebel is a big old

Cheerios Bars - Do you and your kids like Cheerios? Well, here's a recipe from How to Make Cereal Treats that is worth cheering about!

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We hope that you enjoy these recipes–– and be sure to give us feedback and share photos of your creations!