Fun & Fruity Compote Pie Recipes


March 1st, National Compote Fruit Day

So what exactly is compote? Merriam-Webster simply describes compotes as "a dessert of fruit cooked in syrup.".
According to Cookie and Kate, "Compote is a simple fruit sauce made with pieces of fresh (or frozen) fruit and some sugar, cooked briefly on the stove. You could call the end result a textured fruit sauce or chunky fruit syrup."

Compote Pie Recipes

Mixed Berry Pie - If fresh fruit and berries aren't in season, can you bake a pie with frozen produce? Yes, says Taste of Home. "When fresh berries are not available or in season, frozen berries will do the trick and sometimes provide even better depth of flavor. You do not need to thaw the berries; simply let them sit for a few minutes on your counter before using."

Buttermilk Pie Recipe with Fruit Compote - this recipe by EverythingPies is one of their "make-do" pie recipes, and they encourage you to experiment. Check out their huge list of dessert recipes!

Five-Minute Vanilla Ice Cream Pie with Warm Berry Compote - This recipe from Epicurious, with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and chopped almonds, is great for those people who love ice cream in the wintertime, or anytime!

Triple Berry Pie - this triple play of sweetness by Tastes Better From Scratch includes a "prize winning" crust recipe, for those of you lattice crust pie crust lovers. They recommend that you freeze the berries overnight before making the pie.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart - This Sassafras® favorite is actually one of our tart recipes, and our Homemade Cherry Pie recipe can be altered by reducing 4 cups of cherries to:

• 2 cups of fresh tart cherries, pitted
• 2 cups of fresh blueberries
• 1 cup of chopped fresh strawberries

and you've got a cherry-berry compote pie masterpiece!

Superstone® Deep-Dish Pizza & Pie Baker

If you haven't already, get yourself a Superstone® Deep-Dish Pizza & Pie Baker–– our stoneware material with its unglazed interior heats evenly and pulls moisture from the dough, producing a light and flaky pie crust and a perfectly-textured pizza crust.


Serve it Up

If you need accessories for cutting and serving your pies, look no further–– Sassafras® has a wood-handled spatula and a silicone-handled spatula for all your baking needs.

We hope you and your family enjoy theses recipes, and be sure to share photos of your compote desserts!