Bedroom Decor for Little Kids

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Do you have a small child at home? Are you looking for some cute bedroom decor pieces to redecorate with? Many times when your child turns pre-school age, you want to get rid of the baby/nursery look, but you still want to recognize that you have a little kid at home. Am I right, or is this just me? I mean, I want my children to embrace their “big kid” status, but I don’t want them to grow up too fast and I want their childhood to be just that a “childhood” no need to rush the big kid stuff just yet.

I have a 3 year old at home and I am ready to give him a big boy style little kid room and get rid of his baby stuff, but I have a couple of rules that need to be followed.

  • No characters. Okay, maybe this is just picky of me, but I’m not a big fan of characters in bedroom decor (or clothing for that matter...but that’s for another day). I mean, I let him watch cartoons and movies, but I just don’t like walls being plastered with any certain character.
  • Not too grown. Again, he is still just a little kid. I want to celebrate that fact a little bit longer. Let’s make the bedroom furniture and decor pieces more functional for a bigger kid, but let’s make it cute so we know that a little kid lives in this space!
  • Lots of toy storage. Do you know what I hate? Stepping on toys. I either hurt myself or break the toy and neither of those things makes anyone in my home happy, so the best thing for everyone’s sanity is to have a good storage system for the toys in our home.
  • No mass produced junk. Hey, I’m a fan of business in general, but I don’t like plastic, junky, mass produced decor or toys for my kids’ rooms. That’s why the stuff we have here at Sassafras is so perfect for my kids’ bedroom decor.
  • Not too much stuff. I hate feeling like a bedroom or any other room is cluttered and like there is not enough room in the space for the stuff in it. My child’s room has a bed, a nightstand and a dresser and toy storage. That’s it. If there is much more than that, then any decor just becomes added chaos.
  • No television. No judgment to anyone out there that allows their kids to have TVs in their rooms, but in our house the television is saved for the living room and family room. I like not having to decorate around it too.

I took a look around the bedroom decor pieces at Sassafras Store and here are some of my favorites that I want to put in my son’s room:

  • Growth Charts (Race Car or Train) - I love this because I just think it is so much fun to keep track of my child’s growth progress!
    • check your growth with a growth chart! made of wood. hangs from wall, hanging hook on reverse side. made of wood measures: 7"w x 41"h x .25"d made in china
  • Lamp (flower or fido) - Depending on the lighting situation in your child’s room, you may want a lamp to go into the decor. These lamps are so stinking cute, and will add such a great accent to your child’s room.
  • Animal stools. Oh, you already know of my love for the animal stools that we carry here and I think these go very well in any kids’ bedroom! 

We have talked about it before, but is actually quite beneficial to let your child decorate their own space to some degree too, so before you choose what to order, sit down with your kiddo and let them look through our kids’ collection to see what items they like and what they would like to have in their rooms for decoration.