Animal Stools Make The Best Gifts

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What type of things did you ask for on your Christmas list when you were younger? Were you the kind of kid that asked for toys, clothes, decorative stuff maybe? When I was younger, my Christmas list always included something to make my bedroom prettier. Whether it was a new bed set, a new lamp or even a poster for my wall, bedroom stuff was something that I never left off the list. Thinking back on that makes me realize how it is not at all surprising that I still love personal touches in my living space. It makes me happy to feel at home and cozy while having fun decorative pieces that I love to look at.

I have several kiddos at home, a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy and both of them have asked for stools for their rooms since we moved into our new home. My daughter wants one for aesthetic purposes while my son loves to have all of his friends over to play games and he wants more seating for them. Both very valid reasons, if I do say so myself. I also have a toddler at home that loves to climb all over stools (and any furniture really). I have yet to buy either of them one, so I’m thinking I might just do so for Christmas.

I guess I mentioned all of that because I started thinking about how great our Animal Stools will be as Christmas gifts! They are super cute, totally functional and they are sure to bring compliments from whoever sees them. These aren’t just for kids either. I can think of plenty of adults that would love these as well! As we say in the item description, kids love their charming faces and adults enjoy this whimsical addition to an apartment or family room. place a tray on top to use as a side table, or rest your feet upon their backs. everyone loves our animal stools!

Check out this awesome selection of animal stools that we have just waiting to be given as gifts:

cow animal stool - The cow animal stool would be great for anyone that loves cows, has a black and white color scheme going on or enjoys western theme decor. I can literally think of so many people that would flip over this particular stool.

horse animal stool - Another great stool for that western theme. The little horse is cute, the color scheme is great and will match most any decor. Plus, if you are shopping for a kiddo, this is definitely going to be a hit! What little kid doesn’t love horses?

large pig animal stool - The cute purple color of this pig animal stool will match with lots of different decor themes. Lots of little kid rooms are decorated with this exact color so it’ll be a perfect addition.

large ram animal stool - This Ram is so cute and the neutral colors mean that it will match with just about anything, which makes it a great gift options.

large red hippo animal stool - I love this Red Hippo! He is adorable and that red pop of color will look good in any space. A bright pop of color in my space always makes me smile, how about you?

Small red hippo animal stool - Same concept of the bigger red hippo stool, in a more compact version. This will be perfect for the little ones in your life!

llama animal stool - Who doesn’t love the look of an adorable llama? This would look great in any room! Do you have a Fornite Player in the house? In the game of Fornite, the supply llama is a huge part of the game and the kids are always talking about the llama. This gift will be a huge hit with many gamers. My son plays Fornite with his friends all the time and I know they would all happily display this stool in their rooms.

elephant animal stool - This elephant animal stool might be the cutest of them all! Okay, who am I kidding, they are all cute.

triceratops animal stool - Dino lovers are going to freak out over this triceratops animal stool!

I love how versatile they are and the fact that you can buy them as gift for an adult or a child. They might just be the perfect Christmas gift!

Speaking of Christmas, I was thinking about it earlier and realized that it is only a month away! Wow! I guess I need to get started on my shopping anyway, and what better way than to knock out gifts for several people at once?

While you are ordering your animal stools, be sure to check out our entire store. We have lot of wonderful items that make great gifts for everyone on your list!