​A Little Lesson in Birdbaths

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Do you have a yard? Next, and possibly, most important question, do you have a birdbath in your yard? I mean, can you even have a proper yard or garden without a bird bath. I don’t think so. I say that as I am currently without a birdbath, because during the construction of my new home, my old birdbath was destroyed. I was heartbroken. Like literally devastated over a bird bath!? What is that about? I didn’t realized quite how much I loved seeing the birds in my yard playing in the water. Now that the house is done and we are working on the landscaping side of things, I am ready to get a new bird bath to display in my yard and it got me wondering a littel bit about the history of bird baths. Who came up with them and why? I mean, other than the obvious, but you don’t see random dog baths or deer baths or cat baths in people yards so what has made it so that bird baths are the thing to do?

Many people believe that they know who invented the bird bath and for good reason. Popular culture and art would have us assume that bird baths came from the ancient Roman culture. While many have argued this fact, bird baths were more likely invented by the an ancient Mediterranean culture (archaeology evidence suggests this). That said, the ancient Romans used them often and often portrayed them in their art and in their everyday lives. Historians and archeologists have dug up countless bird baths that have lasted longer than many of the Roman structures of their time.

Birdbaths in general though have been around for thousands of years, as a matter of fact, evidence of them has been dated back to the first century.

Many people actually have bird baths in their yards and gardens for two reasons. One, is for decorative purposes, because I don’t know about you, but I have yet to find a birdbath that wasn’t pretty. Even when the are aged, and uncared for, they are still quite beautiful. The second reason, of course is to help our feathered friends stay cool, and stay hydrated.

There are many fun ideas out there for bird baths too. I have mentioned before how much I love Pinterest and all of the fun ideas you can find. Do me a favor and go onto Pinterest and type in Bird Bath and see all of the fun ideas you see. Okay, don’t actually do this...you will be stuck there for a while. Pinterest is a trap and you will find it hard to leave. Okay, that is purely sarcastic, and maybe just a little bit true.

A quick internet search showed me that you can create all kinds of fun bird baths using lots of supplies, or just a couple that you have around the house. Or, if you are like me and like to be crafty, but not too crafty, you can buy this cute bird bath and paint it yourself. This is also a really fun project to do with the kids!

Here are the specifics on it:

paint your own bird bath

  • splish, splash bird bath! set includes bath, bottom base, paint bush & 12 paints.
  • ages 5+
  • made of ceramic
  • measures: 7"w x 4.5"h x 3"d
  • made in china

You can even watch a fun video!

If you are going through all of that work though, make sure your feathered friends are very well cared for with a feeder and a house too! Don’t worry, we have those in stock as well!

paint your own bird feeder

supply your own bird seed and have mom or dad hang the bird feeder high to ensure the birds will stop there for little meals throughout the day! includes stencil designs to cut out and use, paintbrush & 4 paints.

paint your own bird house

this sweet little townhouse is a great starter home for little birdies! this house includes two little entry holes and a hanging rope. includes stencil designs to cut out and use, paintbrush & 4 paints.

If you are going for a whole paint your own garden theme, we have lots of paint your own garden decor, so no worries there! Check out some of the other fun stuff that we have:

paint your own gnome garden set - imaginary gnomes come to life with this magical set. make a home for them in your garden or terrarium. includes: 2 gnomes, gnome house, paintbrush & 6 paints.

paint your own ladybug house - decorate and hang this colorful house in your garden to attract ladybugs! they'll eat aphids, mealybugs, and mites that feed on your beautiful plants! includes: paintbrush & 8 paints.