​5 Benefits of Holiday Baking with Kids

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The holidays are rapidly approaching and for many of us that means lots of baking in the works! Baking the turkey, ham, casseroles, cookies, pies, cakes, and more typically fill up most of my time during the holiday season.  How about you?

Do you have kids at home? If you have kids at home do you let them bake with you? I know that it’s hard to let others in your kitchen space sometimes, but there are so many benefits of holiday baking with kids! It’s an experience that kids and parents alike really must experience.

If you still aren’t sure, I’ve decided to put a couple of things together for you to show you exactly what the benefits of holiday baking with the kids are.

5 Benefits of Holiday Baking with Kids

  • A lifetime of memories made. Think back on your favorite memories with your parents or your grandparents. How many of these memories are of times in the kitchen? I would bet more than you realize.
  • Bonding time. Do you want to spend more time bonding with your kids? You should bake with them! Working on a project together is hugely beneficial to strengthening your bond.
  • Learning how to follow directions. Many baking projects involve following a recipe. Following a recipe will determine whether the project is a hit or a miss. Learning to follow these directions is a life skill that all children need.
  • Building their organization and planning skills. In order to succeed at a recipe, you need to plan out what you need and organize your tools and supplies accordingly. Letting your kids be in charge of this part will significantly improve these important life skills.
  • Builds confidence. Baking is an important job, especially during the holidays. If you invite your children to be a part of this project it will boost their confidence because they know that you trust them to be a part of this important project.

Now that you know just how great it is, it is time to go all in! Let’s grab those aprons, mixers, spatulas and mixing spoons and get busy baking with the kids! If you don’t have aprons and other gear to make your kiddos feel at home in your kitchen, check out this fun list of baking supplies that we have.

polka dot apron set - kids and adults love to dress the part. sometimes that's half the fun! sized just for kids, this sweet polka dot pattern will keep your little cook in style in the kitchen!

ruffled cupcake apron set - this vintage cupcake apron evokes all the sentiment of a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked cookies and mom waiting at home. some things have changed, but fashion can always come back!

the little cook® yellow apron - kids and adults love to dress the part. sometimes that's half the fun! the little cook™ apron is also offered in yellow to appeal to both boys and girls.

the little cook® softgoods set - kids and adults love to dress the part. sometimes that's half the fun! This set includes the apron, chef’s hat, two baking mits, and a wooden spoon!

You can always check out these fun baking kits too:

If you are feeling anxious about this baking project, relax! If it’s not quite as easy as that, I get it. Here are some little tips that might just help.

  • Don’t look for perfection - It is a very rare occasion that calls for perfection in a baking project. Holiday baking with kids is never that occasion.
  • Do not take it too seriously - Yes, you are baking and wanting to do a good job, but don’t forget you are trying to build memories with your kids and that is the most important part.
  • Do not stress the mess making. Baking is always a little bit messy. Baking with kids is always more than a little bit messy. Who cares. Messes can be cleaned up, so don’t stress it.
  • Wear those aprons. We linked to some youth aprons above, but I am serious about wearing those! It helps keep the mess off of your clothes and they are just cute and fun!.
  • Know your plan. Decide on what you want to bake before you actually start. This way you will have all of the necessary supplies so that you don’t discover halfway through the project that you have to leave and get more stuff.

I hope that these benefits and tips will help you to have an amazing time baking with the kiddos!