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Superstone® La Cloche®





The late James Beard wrote, "The bread I have been baking in it is nothing short of sensational." Truly, this product is a bread-lovers dream as it duplicates a professional brick-lined oven, creating a light crumb and crusty exterior. No need to soak the La Cloche™.

Stoneware Care Instructions: Scrub with hot water. Do not use soap.

Overall Height:   7.75" (to top of handle)
Overall Width:   11" 
Base Outer:   11.25"D X 1.75"H 
Base Inner:    10.75"D X 1.125"H 
Lid Outer:      12" X 6" (to top of handle) 
Lid Outer:   11" X 5" (to top of dome) 
Lid Inner:   12" X  4.5" 
Base & Lid:   12" X 7.75"H  (to top of handle) 
Base & Lid:   12" X 6.25" (to top of dome)

Made in China


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