A DIY Valentine for Kids

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Yes, we are still talking about Valentine’s day!! It’s coming up quickly!! The good news is though, that it is still a couple of weeks away so we have time to prepare. Last week we talked about our date plans for Valentine’s day, but now let’s talk about the kids. Do you have Valentine’s plans set for your kids? Do you remember how much fun Valentine’s day was as a kid? No mention of romance, no stress placed on the perfect date, just fun valentine cards from friends along with toys or treats or candy. When thinking back on my childhood, Valentine’s day was more fun than Christmas at school in my opinion. I loved it!

So, how do you plan on helping your kids to celebrate Valentine’s day? I always give my kids Valentine’s day gifts. In our family though, we really like to go with DIY gifts. I like to give my kids gifts that get their brains moving and working creatively. Another thing I focus on often with my kids is making sure that I’m not spending money unnecessarily. Sure, it’s awesome to be gifted with new stuff, but do we really need to buy cards when we can make them? Or, do we really need a new dress that is just going to hang in the closet? Nope. That’s why I am big on DIY gifts and also handmade gifts!

Here are a couple of our Sassafrass craft kits that make great Valentine’s gifts for the kids:

paint your own umbrella - kids will pray for rain so they can display their work of art for the world to see! umbrella has safety closure to avoid pinching fingers and rounded plastic tips for safety.

paint your own terrarium - this terrarium or greenhouse is a great way for kids to learn about planting and caring for plants. the wooden back panel is removable so you can create a colorful background for your garden as well as the other wood surfaces. complete instructions and gardening tips included. terrarium includes: paintbrush, 8 paints and instructions.

Another thing I love to do for Valentine’s day for the kids is to help teach them to create meaningful gifts for other kids. Whether this is gifts for them to give other kids at school or gifts that they give out during their very own Valentine’s themed party at home, we have so much fun making gifts for friends!

We always start with homemade or printable Valentine’s Day cards so that we don’t have to go out and buy them! It’s always better to give these types of cards in my opinion, because these are more unique than the ones you find at your local big box store.

Here are a couple of things that we have made in the past:

  • Friendship bracelets
  • Cute sewn animals
  • Scrunchies
  • Magnets
  • And more!

These awesome crafty kits that we have here at Sassafrass would be awesome for creating gifts for friends!

sewing kit - sew so many cute things! including a flower, owl, dog or cat! 69 pc includes: 6 sheets of felt, 52 felt shapes, 4 sewing needles, 2 thread colors, scissors, measuring tape, polyfill stuffing, felt sewing pouch, and instruction card.

kids weaving loom - create fabric by weaving yarn through a loom. make a beautiful hanging tapestry, coaster, or trivet. 12 pc set includes: 1 wooden loom, 2 weaving shuttles, 1 wooden shaft gear, 2 loom hooks, 5 balls of yard and instruction card.

Ladybug clip magnets - decorate and organize your artwork or homework assignments with these cute piggy magnet clips!

Another great homemade gifts that we like to give out is food. I mean, who doesn’t like food, right? This one likely won’t work well for school gifts, but if you let your kids have friends over for a holiday party, you can have so much fun making tasty homemade gifts! We even have some fun kits for that!

peace & love cookie kit - includes cookie mix that turns pink, sanding sugar, peace sign & heart-shaped cutters, rhyming recipe, and instructions.

cookie baking kit - our basic baking kits are perfect basics for the budding baker. the tools are sized for smaller hands and the recipe and instructions offer clear directions as well as a fun rhyme. kit includes: measuring spoons, measuring cups, wooden rolling pin, spatula, 6 cookie cutters, and recipe & rhyme booklet

You can decorate these cookies with some fun Valentine’s colored icing and sprinkles, candies or anything you want. I can tell you from experience as a gift giver and a gift receiver, that a cookie (or a plateful of cookies), is always a hit as a gift.

Oh, and really quick, if you do plan to have a holiday party for the kids, these cupcakes are the perfect Valentine’s dessert, but you totally should serve them on these adorable Cupcake plates!